Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Review – Not the Best in the Series, but Still Good Enough for Fans | COG

COG writes - Dynasty Warriors has long been known to be a staple KOEI title and with each new entry into the franchise they never waiver too much from their standard formula. At one point we have to wonder; Is the formula getting a bit stale?

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DivoJones1040d ago

These games always have been and always will be repetitive and boring, and you can see it in their review scores over the last decade. Kill this franchise already.

DedicatedDark1040d ago

Really Now. Why don't they first kill Assassins creed and Call of Duty. These games are mostly made for a niche audience simply because all good games are made for niche audience, if you simply do not understand the game then why go out of your way to speak non-sense.

Clogmaster1040d ago

Actually, jumping into DW8XL after having not played since DW4, this game has come a fairly long way.

However, the increments were way too slow and I expect much more than how far they've come.

In fact, the AI is worse, and the enemies spawn/pop-in worse than on PS2.

When games like DMC, MGR, and Bayonetta innovate the genre by increasing combat options, it's sad to see Dynasty Warriors only be a little bit more complex than Final Fight 2.

kaizokuspy1040d ago

I bought this game for my PS4. Wanted to try and get into the DW franchise. Did it come off overly complicated and tutorial heavy to you? It turned me off completely, but would you recommend I try previous installments? If so, which ones?

Clogmaster1037d ago

It's mostly nostalgia, but DW3+XL was a lot of fun back in the day.

DedicatedDark1040d ago

Why don't you try Samurai Warriors 4. I hear it innovated the game-play and its the prettiest game in KOEI.