The Gallery: The Six Elements - First-Person VR Fantasy Game - First Screenshots & Gameplay Video

Cloudhead Games has released the first screenshots and the full Valve/HTC Vive Gameplay video for The Gallery: The Six Elements.

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ThunderPulse1221d ago

Another step closer to SAO becoming a reality!

Xavior_Reigns1221d ago

Indeed, though it'll still take some time to get there. Everything we now take for granted started off small and/or slow. Some people just don't have the patience to see it bloom or because they're too attached to a certain platform.

I'll give this example again - imagine Gears of War in SAO style, why wouldn't you want to experience that? The only negative again is it's gonna take some time to get there.

ThunderPulse1221d ago

I hope in a Decade or two the full dive nerve gear style set-up will be available.