Top 10 Point and Click Games for PS4

"Point and click games were always my favourite growing up. I spent countless hours on the likes Monkey Island and Broken Sword on my PC as a kid. Console gaming made it harder for the classic point and click adventure genre to live on: I mean, how can you point and click if you don’t have a mouse and a cursor?

PS4 point and click games are in abundance though. Well, the 21st century equivalent at least. Gone may be the literal pointing and clicking that was once so ubiquitous with the puzzle adventure genre, but the form is gaining strength. The calibre of today’s graphics means that developers are more and more wanting to create beautiful and intriguing worlds for us to explore at our own pace. Less than 18 months into this generation, and there’s already a wealth for us to choose from. Here’s our list of 10 of our favourite PS4 point and click games." - GameSpew

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AudioEppa1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

Broken Sword the Shadow of the Templars was the first point and click I ever played and it was on PlayStation, after that I instantly fell in love with those kinds of games, but i am limited in how many I actually played, because I don't like playing games on PC, the only adventure games I played a PC was broken sword 3&4 and it wasn't horrible, but I just don't like using mouse and keyboard.

I started playing Back to the Future and The Walking Dead season 1 & 2 an it reminded me how much I love adventure games. Those games where different from older P&C games but it still felt the same imo.

I really want more P&C games to show up on PlayStation 4, I'm really happy to see a game like life is strange and I hope other developers become interested in this style of video game storytelling.

kimblejay1045d ago

Broken Sword still remains the master of the genre, I think! It's awesome that Broken Sword 5 made it onto Vita but it'd have been great to see it on PS4/home consoles. A HD collection of Broken Sword is what really needs to happen.

But check out the games on the list if you haven't played them already. All are amazing games - Murdered Soul Suspect is a great P&C even though it was pretty badly received. I genuinely think we'll see more and more of this type of game, thanks to the likes of Telltale leading the way.

AudioEppa1045d ago

An HD Collection of Broken Sword on PS4 would be glorious!

The only game on that list besides life is strange which I already own, is that Sherlock Holmes game. But I'm waiting for the price to come down on PSN to get it.

I'll give you a bubble because you recognize the greatness that is broken sword :)

Paris in the fall

MrDead1045d ago

I would love a Beneath a Steel Sky remake, it's not quite at the same level as the LucasArts point click but it's closer than any other game has got to matching the writing, humour and design.

Here’s a link to download the game, and good news it's freeware.