RPG Reload File 029 - 'Shining Force'

TouchArcade: Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the weekly feature where we discover that there's a little Jogurt in all of us. Each week, we take a look at an RPG from the App Store's past for a little revisiting, a little reflecting, and a bit of a deeper dive than our regular reviews typically allow us. The RPG genre is as vast as the ocean, and I try to schedule games in such a way that we get a balanced plate as we go along, but I need your help with that. Once per month, the selection of the game falls to you, the reader. Simply let me know which game you'd like to see by commenting below, posting in the Official RPG Reload Club thread, or by tweeting me at @RPGReload. The winner will be randomly chosen and featured in April's reader's choice article. I don't know what it will be, but I'm pretty sure we're fresh out of SEGA games now!

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kalkano1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

"leaving the franchise in the hands of Takahashi and his team until they and SEGA parted over various disagreements following the poorly-handled release of Shining Force 3 on the SEGA Saturn."

Shining Force 3: Greatest game ever made. Sega could have turned this franchise into a megahit, selling millions of copies per entry. They really screwed the pooch, like they always do.