Battlefield: Hardline – Where to Find All Suspects with Warrants Locations Guide

Arrest these wanted criminals with non-lethally or just take them down will gives you a huge amount of XP and also for big points for identifying the targets. These suspects can be find along with the all missions in the single-player, you need to use scanner to identify them and after that a bust mark will show-up on them.

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scda3601103d ago

Would rather have pics than texts any day.

dreamed1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Christ the games not even out yet.....unless you want to pay to play early with ea access for 10 hrs.

Geez its getting stupid now,how long is it gonna be until devs/pubs start charging to play the whole game weeks b4 everyone who just wanted the standard version.

Just wait, i'm willing to guess within the next few yrs this shitty idea i've come up with will be the norm.

I can see it now on x1 store...standard version £55 ,early access version £110....early access premium version £150+,with a description like"get ahead of the competition with bf5 early access",play 2 weeks b4 the standard peaseants!!!!.

hopefully i'm wrong but this industry has prooven time & time again & especialy ea that their not affraid to bend you over,grease you up and aim for penatration....

yarbie10001103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Early access is just 1 perk of EA Access. Don't know why you're upset over an optional service.

I paid $30 yr for it. Traded in my BF4 & Need for Speed since I get them free with the vault. Almost covered my entire year. Now I've got a bunch of games to play. Madden, NBA, UFC, Fifa, PvZ, N4S, BF

And I get a digital discount.

And yes, playing brand new games before they come out is also nice. Tried Dragon Age, but couldn't really get into it. So saved me some $. Was on the fence about Hardline, but after playing the game I'm gonna get it. Had a lot more fun with it than I did BF4.

Big fan of EA Access.