New Official PlayStation Magazine out now

GR:"The long wait is over – our very special, very shiny new issue is proudly gracing the shelves of UK stores and digital storefronts right this very moment. And the hottest game of the moment, Final Fantasy XV, is on a very minimalist cover harking back to the series' peerless PS1 days."

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ninsigma888d ago

Surprised they didn't put bloodborn on the cover.

Spurg888d ago

They lost to ff: type 0 because Square is more interested in advertising ff15 to people...that why thy skipped psvita and pc releases.

NoctisPendragon888d ago

Played FF Type 0 HD today : JUST AWSOME , this kind of comment makes me laugh.

Hanuman888d ago

True! If you got it, flaunt it!

PrinceOfAllSaiyans888d ago

I wish the US got these. Why not ?

pwnsause_returns888d ago

Future used to publish them in the US. they went bankrupt.

Mr Pumblechook888d ago

You can buy the digital version of this from Apple and Google.

iamtehpwn888d ago

"The Final Fantasy name is once again as Precious as it was in the PS1 and PS2 days"

Yes. That is all our greatest hope of XV. To Restore the brand.

NoctisPendragon888d ago

FF Type 0 HD will almost do it , tried the game and the game is just amazing.

SE is on the good track , it is clear for me today.

Shineon888d ago

I still have a playstation magazine from ps1 days I wonder if I could sell it!

DigitalRaptor888d ago

Always held hope for this game.

The most ambitious FF game in a long time, despite the gameplay departure. Good to see it getting great reception with over a year until release.

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