Last chance to take advantage of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD preorder bonus and strategy guide discount

Gamers have a last chance over the next several days to take advantage of the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD preorder bonus and the limited edition Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: Prima Official Game Guide discount.

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Stiffler1140d ago

And what do we say to Pre-Orders?

Hehe just playing. It's your money at the end of the day so spend it your way :)

mikeslemonade1140d ago

ANd then someone please give me there PS ID and Password so I can download the demo.

DarkZane1140d ago

You don't need to preorder to get the FFXV demo. There is actually no preorder bonus here.

MAULxx1140d ago

I'm not really a JRPG player but I decided to give Type 0 a try. I guess it was the real time battles that swayed me.
I wonder if the strategy guide would be a good choice for me being a JRPG green horn.
What would you long time JRPGers recommend?
Is the game pretty difficult?

Reddzfoxx1139d ago

It was a good game 3 years ago.

Hold_It1139d ago

@Maul, that'd probably why you like it. It's not a JRPG, but an ARPG (Action RPG). It's not very difficult and you should do fine with it being your entry game into Action RPGs. There's isn't grinding 24/7, and the side missions + collectibles are pretty easy to find in this game. I would only get the strategy guide if you are a collector of them like myself.

Once again, enjoy the game as I cannot wait to play it again in an enhanced form. I would recommend you use Final Fantasy as a launchpad to play more in depth RPG's and ARPGS as you will get the gist of both genre's with this game and the series.

MAULxx1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

If I like Type 0 I'll get FFXV when it comes out. Probably next year? It looks to have real time combat as well. I have tried some turn based JRPGs but I just haven't found one I've clicked with. I've played ARPGs. The Elder Scrolls is my favorite series but I have a hard time with Random Battles & turn based combat of JRPGs.

Thanks for the advice. I do like well done strategy guides but I need to put that money toward other things.