Battlefield Hardline won’t be unstable at launch, says Visceral

Battlefield Hardline, the first game in the series since Battlefield 4 launched will apparently not suffer from the same technical problems as the new development team over at Visceral Games are in “far better shape” to release a more polished product.

Did you suffer from any technical issues with Battlefield 4? Are you convinced that Hardline will be more stable?

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HaveSumNuts1104d ago

Nice to know that after paying $60 for your mod, that multiplayer will work at launch ohhhhh thank you.

kaizokuspy1104d ago

I thought it was different. Did any battlefield have Hotwire? Rescue? Blood Money? Escort the VIP? No. It's different. When you take someones patch (tags) it displays the rest of the squad members on your mini map. The running and aiming is faster as this is setup to be more fast paced. Cops and Robbers hasn't been done yet in Battlefield either. So then you could say the theme is different. They also have very different vehicles. Could you drive an armored SUV with a mounted turret in previous Battlefields? No, so again, this game is not a mod. It's a very different game that feels like a different game.

Also game will work at launch as the BETA worked flawlessly for the most part. Plus Visceral just released an announcement a few hours ago saying they are ready.

Fun Fact: Hardline Beta had the most unique logins during the BETA (7 million) where as the second most played BETA was Destiny (4-5 million)

So yeah. You hate it because it's not BF5, which it isn't even trying to be.

USMC_POLICE1104d ago

It's not $60 for a mod in fact it's vastly different from past battlefields, where as other big name shooters have changed little in the past 6 years but add maps and change guns, but hey have fun not buying this mod while I enjoy it.

MysticStrummer1104d ago

"it's vastly different from past battlefields"

Play and enjoy, but what I saw of the beta didn't make it seem very different. If I buy it at all it won't be for the online play.