Exclusive Xbox One ‘Ori And The Blind Forest’ Bundle for Austria; Austrian Special Edition

A special edition Xbox One has been released in Austria only and features the black Xbox One and ‘Ori and the Blind Forest’ in one nice package and features exclusive artwork for Austria from the game.

As the bundle is only released in Austria because of Ori's Austrian roots, the bundle is unique and will surely be a collectors item.

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aviator189953d ago

This is one of those games that I wish they would have made a custom edition xbox one for.

BartMoons953d ago

Same here, it's a shame it isn't released globally.

LexHazard79952d ago

Would've been nice. Hey I think they made a controller.

Tctczach953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

I hope Austria enjoys it.

Farsendor1953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

I read it wrong

memots952d ago

exclusive ?
Im getting on pc? How is this exclusive again ... ?

WeaseL952d ago

Its an exclusive bundle to Australia not just the game

LexHazard79952d ago

Dude, why are you and so many others always trying to disqualify an exclusive just because its on PC? Its an Xbox console exclusive.

On topic: This bundle is exclusive to Austria.

Farsendor1952d ago

Transistor isn't exclusive on ps4.

952d ago
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