5 Games Worth Playing In 2015 Before Uncharted 4 Comes Out In 2016

"Neil Druckmann Naughty Dog's Creative Director has gone on record to reveal after some very difficult choices, Spring 2016 will now be Uncharted 4's official release date. This decision was due to the entire staff at Naughty Dog wanting to create the perfect climatic chapter to Nathan's epic story. We totally agree with their decision and believe rushing this project would be a travesty to a character and company fans across the world have come to love and respect.

As Uncharted 4 makes its world debut in 2016, you may be thinking what other similar games are worth your time and investment this year. Read on and discover our top 5 adventure games coming out in 2015 worth playing." -

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mysticwolf948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Just Cause 3, anyone?
+ who knows what E3 will bring.