History of Wolfenstein

With Bethesda recently announcing 'Wolfenstein: The Old Blood', Gaming Historian looks back at the history of the Wolfenstein franchise.

Many people think the series started in 1992 with id Software's 'Wolfenstein 3D', but did you know it began a full decade earlier back in 1981?

Part 1 talks about the game's beginnings on the Apple II, as well as the creation of 'Wolfenstein 3D'.

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uth111169d ago

I had both the original Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein. The thing that stuck out most was the primitive speech synthesis which was very rare on 8-bit computers. The games themselves were rather primitive even by the standards of the day.

Fro_xoxo1169d ago

glad i joined the club.. my first wolf game was The New Order..

I'm a huge BJ Blazkowicz fan now.. made sure I included the second name. . ^_^

SolidGear31169d ago

My first Wolfenstein was Wolfenstein 3D in 1993.

Minute Man 7211168d ago

That was also my first Wolfenstein game back then, I even bought it off XBL