Farewell Maxis: The Problem With Publishers

A Pixelated View mourns the closure of Maxis and takes aim at exploitative publishers in the game industry.

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motherboop1167d ago

Did I miss something? I thought only Maxis Emeryville closed.

3-4-51167d ago

* These bigger studios would be better off splitting into two sub studios once they get popular.

* It will help retain your talent so they don't leave, while also allowing them to explore more creative ideas instead of just the same thing again.

* Fans know they can trust those people, as it's the same people, but now they get 2 games.

* Take the money from those, and open a 3rd sub studio to be the studio where you bring talent to.

* Of the 3 studios, one is always working on a brand new IP, while the others are working on expanding the universes and gameplay styles of the previous ones people loved.

* Then you can make a Super Connected game where all the characters from said gaming worlds can be in.

* It's not hard really, but they always let these weasley greasy money guys come in and screw everything up with their greedy ideas.

uth111167d ago

If these small studios wanted to maintain their culture they had the option to not sell out to large publishers in the first place...

But there's money and economics involved.

What usually happens is there are a handful of employees at these tiny studios who are the key to the 'vision', and often they cash out and leave after selling the company. (like what's happening at Mojang now) The studio then becomes an average studio like any other, and eventually it just makes sense to merge it with other studio acquisitions or close it completely.

ProjectVulcan1167d ago

Strange how Maxis dies just as Cities: Skylines arrives.

Sim City was the birth of this studio, and the death of it signals the passing of the torch to another tiny little developer and new city building classic.

It's a sad time, but when one door closes another opens goes the saying, and it seems to be true. RIP Maxis.

Magnus1167d ago

Shame another studio vanishes. Bullfrog was great with theme hospital. Once EA took thee over they vanished fast.