Performance Analysis: Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer

With much to prove after Battlefield 4's stability woes at launch, the delayed Hardline takes no chances in getting it right. Having tracked the game's progress since its early E3 2014 reveal, the recent beta showed a clear advance in overall performance levels, promising a more polished end product on day one. Today, we have the final PlayStation 4 and Xbox One code to hand, where to varying degrees we see Visceral Games' efforts paying off - though it's clear a locked 60fps is still a hard won fixture on console.

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jackanderson19851197d ago

save to say frostbite 3 on the consoles is a mess... subpar resolutions and a choppy framerate

joab7771197d ago

Is 40fps w/ 64 olayers, destruction and map size really an issue. I know it isn't 60fps or 120fps, but is it really bad at 40 fps?

jackanderson19851197d ago

tv's generally don't refresh at 40.. .personally i don't have an issue but some do and considering they touted 1080p/60FPS when it was first announced it's kinda a disheartening thing to see

WellyUK1197d ago

It is bad considering a pc with similar specs would run it at a stable 60 on higher settings... Frostbite is well optimised on PC but it just seems to be not working on consoles.

dantesparda1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Its not the engine that is the problem, its the systems. They got these pathetically weak low power tablet CPUs that have low IPC and are really just two 4 core CPUs taped together that are the problem. You show me any other game on these systems that has 64 players with maps and physics and destruction the size of BF with a better framerate and I'll eat my words. The systems are weak.

Izzy4081197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

If the game is going to run at 720/900p, then this game should be running at a solid 60fps. In some cases, the fps almost dropped down to the 30s. WTF is that?

KingWookiee1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

BF4 is VERY CPU intensive, especially for 64 players. Both consoles do not have very good CPU so frame rate drops will happen at 64 and even 32 player counts.

m1armor1197d ago

You guys also have to realize these consoles have subpar components inside them so..

DivoJones1197d ago

Very true. Most of the good/higher end gaming video cards cost about the same as a console system. So i'm sure there's a fair amount of graphical 'optimizing' done to console versions of games to find that perfect compromise of quality vs performance.

WellyUK1197d ago

Ye but a pc with similar specs can run this game better... The engine just doesn't seem to work on consoles as at 720p this game should be sitting dead on 60 with no drops yet it isn't... You really don't need a good card to run BF games as they are quite well optimised on pc a 270x which is £130 now can run this on med to high at stable 60 heck even at ultra it can sit above 40 most of the time at 1080p.

JasonKCK1197d ago

I just got a gaming laptop as a gift 4 days ago that is on par with current gen consoles. It did cost $200 more than a console but still. There are people building PC's with better specs than PS4/X1 for about the same price. PC will be the only place to find 4k gaming for many years to come. PC is the heavy hitter this time around..

Gamer19821197d ago

Seems like frostbite is a very demanding engine especially once you crank that player count up. People can compare to other games like COD but games like that don't have no where near the player count.

hello121197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Nothing demanding about it,they just ported the same assets from BF4 over and redone the maps and campaign.

You can even tell what BF4 maps they redone there is visual cues everywhere.

Even two of the maps coming to Hardline look identical

Ark_1197d ago

You are right about the reskin.
But that doesn't change the fact, that their engine is demanding on CPU and GPU. Playercount, mapsize and ongoing action/destruction have quiet an effect on fps.

joab7771197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

It's not just the player count. And Battlefield has always struck me as a PC game that was made for the console. What they do is pretty amazing, but obviously very difficult to optimize for current console specs.

In fairness ot is 64 players w some destruction.

Genuine-User1197d ago

720p for current-gen is unacceptable in my opinion.

joab7771197d ago

The problem is that price demand for current consoles was very low when they launched. We get what we get.

Genuine-User1197d ago

Both the PS4 and Xbox one are good enough for better results. Dice should re-work their engine for current gen.

Genuine-User1197d ago

It is, and it's not good enough in my opinion.
My custom built mid-range PC from 2011 holds up better while playing Battlefield than a PS4. Every other game seems to run better on the PS4.

kaizokuspy1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

@genuine that's great that your mid range PC is capable of it, but a lot of people buy consoles so they don't have to play on PC. PC games are great, but sometimes I just want to pay my money and have my trash console boot the game up, with out having to worry about viruses, norton security, or learning proper PC maintenance and new lingo for a more powerful, complex platform. In the end, console gaming may not be aesthetically pleasing to the majority of PC gamers, but it comes down to the simplicity of just buying something for $400 that will work with every game developed for it over its life-cycle. I agree though, all console games on all platforms should be 1080p. I think the answer will be Hololens and Morpheus to that respect. 120fps upscaling sounds nice, but let's wait and see.

Yukonsbud1197d ago

So if they made a new frostbite 4 engine could it have better frames and res on ps4 and x1?

joab7771197d ago

Yes. I would imagine it would be optimized for current tech. They could make an engine that works for consoles, but the engine was built for PC, and no way we're they going to build a new engine for Hardline. Most likely we may see it w Battlefield 5.

We realize that B4 was announced and released much quicker than anyone anticipated, and then Hardline. Hopefully, they take a yr off and give us F4 with B5 in 2017.

My worries are with Battlefront if it is using F3. It is a PC engine 1st and foremost.

Yukonsbud1197d ago

Thanks for the input. Hopefully in BF5 we can play with a better resolution than 720p.

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