5 Things AAA Games Could Learn From Dragonball Xenoverse

Dragonball Xenoverse might be the most important game so far this generation. At least it could teach AAA games a lot of things, as Justin Clark explains at Paste Magazine.

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Jimboms1169d ago

Haha, a lot of them could do with these tips.

christian hour1169d ago

One thing they (AAA games) should avoid from xenoverse is having a pointless jump button in the multi lobby, for one you can't jump over anything with it. Yet you can't sprint, something badly needed when going back and forth between time patrols and the shops. But hey, at least I can jump around like a moron while doing it...

Other than that, fun game :)

TXIDarkAvenger1169d ago

I just wish the RNG in this game wasn't as ridiculous

Blackleg-sanji1169d ago

That's my only complaint really it's turning me off big time I have 2 lvl 80 characters and I only made a wish one time

christian hour1169d ago

At least it's better than the RNG on engrams in Destiny *shudders*

OmegaShen1169d ago

No, its worst then Destiny.

Bad servers is what Dragonball xenoverse needs to learn from AAA, as well dumb AI parters and ki blast going through target and bad camera view by walls.

CaspuR1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

For me the more simple a fighting game is the more frustrating it is for me. Fighting games are one of those genres that are not meant to be simple, accessable yes, but not simple.

dcj05241169d ago

Xenoverse is definitely not a fighting game. It's a RPG with fighting game elements but NOT a fighting game.

shloobmm31169d ago

How to not take advantage of the new systems in any way shape or form?

Perhaps how to cut out features that games in the PS2 era had?

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