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Do you like roller-coasters? Have you ever dreamed of designing your own? Did that dream included people being flung out of carts at high speeds and smashing into buildings, and then having those buildings collapse? If so check out our Screamride Video Review.

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Super2bit1198d ago

Its actually very average unless you are really into the really enjoy building your own coaster. The destruction mode is worth a look in that's for sure but the rest is very average.

tinynuggins1198d ago

And fighting games are pretty average unless you like fighting games. :) this is my first roller-coaster game I've played but my son and I are having a blast.

Jimboms1198d ago

I am pretty into building stuff

Super2bit1198d ago

You might get a few kicks out of it, I personally like breaking things ;)

Ryan7411198d ago

Wow that's a low score compared to other reviews.

Software_Lover1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

I think they are all falling in the general range of 5-7. Of course some are lower and some are higher depending on the reviewer and his/her tastes.

Edit: I still say that they should've waited until the release of Hololens to release this game. It would have been a great pack-in for the device.

1198d ago
gangsta_red1198d ago

This game should have been more. It should have been an amusement park simulator like the Tycoon series.

I know the game is a cheap buy but a little bit more effort needs to go into games with potential.

Super2bit1195d ago

I agree with you 100%, they have such a good track record with Tycoon games, why not stick to what you good at?