PS4 Exclusive The Tomorrow Children Moved To Summer Window

It appears that Q-Games is now targeting a Summer release for The Tomorrow Children, instead of Spring as previously planned.

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ccgr1224d ago

Better late than never

medman1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

I didn't even realize they were targeting spring, as I hadn't heard a release date mentioned at any time for The Tomorrow Children...I will definitely be picking this game up if it makes the summer looks phenomenal and the concept is interesting. The game may struggle a bit in sales though if the developer doesn't hit the summer window as the fall looks loaded with titles, as usual.

Palitera1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Actually, better to fill the gap than to admit the new draught.

kaiserfranz1224d ago

Damn, another delay. I hope Sony will give us a new AAA game for this Fall instead of just moving Tearaway Unfolded there, cause it certainly isn't enough!

Alexious1224d ago

I'm confident they'll announce more stuff at E3.

Viryu1224d ago

Notice how lately many games announced at E3 usually aren't released for at least the next 2-3 years.

Aloy-Boyfriend1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Eehh they didn't give a release date as far as I know. More games coming this summer is a good thing. The Order, MLB, and Bloodborne have the spring locked up already

jznrpg1224d ago

Last Guardian fall please, I know .. you want some of what I am smoking.

pivotplease1224d ago

As long as Ratchet actually releases this year and delivers I'll be pretty content. The U4 delay simply solidified Persona 5 as my 2015 goty (unless Zelda is mind blowing) and probably U4 as my 2016 goty. Would not mind a new game from Guerilla or MM or Quantic or Housemarque this fall though. And there are probably a few other devs that I forgot about. Santa Monica has been kind of out of the loop for awhile.

krypt19831223d ago

I don't see how you guys are excited for a vita game ported to ps4 which is why sony is stupid and killed the vita, tearaway was a good vita exclusive and should have stayed that way ..

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GribbleGrunger1224d ago

I can't recall them giving a release date for this game before.

kaiserfranz1224d ago

Think Dylan Cuthbert said something about it on Twitter

GribbleGrunger1224d ago

Yep, just did a search on Google and never found one date. All I could find was a Sony page with 'Release date: TBA'

There is no delay.

MysticStrummer1223d ago

Ah man, you know guys like Palitera up there want to talk about the "draught" and make DelayStation jokes. They need to have fun somehow, after all.

JMaine5181224d ago

I forgot all about this game. Take your time. We got Bloodborne and MLB 15: The Show to hold us down.

AudioEppa1224d ago

You say "we" like everyone is interested in those two particular games lol

JMaine5181224d ago

Lol nah I'm just talking about me, myself and I. I think there are plenty of people that are interested in those two games btw.

pivotplease1224d ago

Or we as in him and his PS4 maybe?

Agreed that most gamers aren't that into sports/racing games (although there are a lot who are), but Bloodborne looks like a game that might rake in widespread appeal. I've been more excited about it than any other game from last E3 and I'm not the biggest souls enthusiast... although I consider myself somewhat hardcore as far as gaming tastes go.

nowitzki20041223d ago

I am interested in those 2 games, but many more as well. Those 2 are not as far away as The Witcher 3 and GTAV PC though.

AudioEppa1224d ago

I was interested in this game after the trailer was revealed, but after seeing a little bit of gameplay I really don't understand the point of this game. I might have to do some research on it more.

one2thr1224d ago

Its like a tower defense type game, where you and I believe it was up to 63 other people are trying to improve your town, the only times you'll see other people is when they interact with objects within your world in vice versa.

You kill giant monsters, and travel to "islands" to mine them for resources to level up the town and character.
At some points you vote for a Mayor and each mayor voted into office adds a special perk to all the players within that world.

At some point the town/people create a giant robot, but it was inoperable in the alpha.
I had fun with the alpha

pivotplease1224d ago

That sounds amazing. But I still can't comprehend why there are so many white surfaces. Maybe I saw an early build focusing more on the engine's capabilities?

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