Splatoon: PAX Trailer Shows Firsthand Fan Impressions, New Gallery Revels In Primary Colors

The Inklings are all young and spunky, but differentiate themselves in terms of gender, skin color, outfits, accessories, and more.

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MSBAUSTX1046d ago

This game is going to be a huge addition to the Wii U line up and I have a feeling that it will actually move some systems along with it. It will definitely get people in the mood for buying a Wii U so they can enjoy Xeno X, Devils Third, Star Fox and Legend of Zelda all this year. Also there are really good deals on games for the Wii U that those newcomers may not have played already and there are still bundles. Good times for Nintendo fans.

ninsigma1046d ago

It's definitely the main reason why I picked up a Wii U. Really looking forward to this one.

gangsta_red1046d ago

That opening song sold me! Game looks like it kicks all sorts of a$%. Time to get that WiiU regardless!

Clown_Syndr0me1046d ago

Seriously? Looks like a £10 PSN game or something...I cannot for the life of me understand what looks good about this?

Kevlar0091046d ago

It's unique, quirky, and a new IP by Nintendo in the shooter genre. It's new ground for Nintendo so people are eager to see how it turns out. I'm still wondering about the full set of features and modes myself.

plsburydoughboy1045d ago

The Order 1886 has the best graphics. *winks*

marloc_x1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

No, half-baked titles like The Order will eventually out of gas on PSN.

Nintendo is VERY serious about Splatoon..

Kumomeme1045d ago

its pretty...fresh experience gameplay,unique,beautifull artstyle..awesome concept...there are lot especially people are bored with common shooters that killing people over and over again

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