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DaGR8JIBRALTAR1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

That's great and all but where's the Predator?

blakstarz1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

What an interesting character to have in MK....pretty cool!

Hell....through in Michael Myers (then again he walks to damn slow) and Pinhead from Hellrasier!!

nevin11169d ago

But he seems to catches up to his victims =).

Chucky should be in Mortal Kombat 11

blakstarz1169d ago

HA...your right about that!

Chucky would be interesting too, but he is so small you can probably toss him around and step on him for a fatality.

Dark_king1169d ago

Chucky that would be great.Make him the Oddjob of MK.

Chevalier1169d ago

Pinhead would be great. I wouldn't mind seeing an Alien and Terminator show up as well.

Joda1169d ago

Hell yeah. Freddy, pumpkinhead, ash, Michael Myers, it, predator, an alien, alien queen, leprechaun, would be awesome. I'm psyched about Jason. Him and predator gotta be taller than everyone else though. That's where mortal kombat always screws up dudes and chicks same height. Need to mix it up.

ZombieKiller1169d ago

Or maybe MK characters can stay in MK and they should create a fighting game based around all the characters. There are a ton of baddies I'd like to see F each other up.

Imagine predator vs Jeepers Creepers or Michael Myers vs Jason...freddy vs Leatherface. The possibilities are endless and the combat packs could even be themed. Imagine a spectes pack with all ghostly characters or a psychopath pack with Scream and all sorts of horror killers...

blakstarz1169d ago

That's not a bad idea actually.....

ZombieKiller1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Thank you....and who better to make it than netherrealm? They love to make gory fighting games!

If you guys like the idea, pitch some favorite match-ups you would like to see...

I love the Jeepers Creepers guy vs Predator idea...not sure who would win though. It could appeal to horror fans, gore fans, MK fans, and individual character fans if it was created and marketed correctly. Hell, they could even throw in Robert Patrick's T-1000 in there. The possibilities are endless with moves and finishers with him if you think about how he can shapeshift.

krypt19831169d ago

i tweeted that to ed after the freddy dlc dropped, they should make a horror fighting game with all the iconic horror film characters, i will settle with this though as jason is my fav horror franchise i just hope they give him the jason x alt costume...

BG115791169d ago

It's a pity can't bring Freddy back...
It would be funny to see these two in a face-off or teaming up to get all the others characters.

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Der_Kommandant1169d ago


Now all we need is the Predator and Sweet Tooth and we're good to go

SteamPowered1169d ago

This is seriously looking like the best Mortal Kombat game yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.