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GamingLives takes a look at the universally divisive release from Ready At Dawn.

"Ready At Dawn seem to have misunderstood what it is about other games’ spells of downtime that often make them so impactful and memorable – a palate cleanser can’t fulfil its purpose if the preceding events aren’t substantial enough to put the following moments of peace into perspective. It all comes off as feeling bland rather than bad, and it doesn’t take long to realise there’s a disheartening lack of depth beneath that slick and polished surface. The Order’s cinematic intentions are noble, but this is one definitely not for the players."

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Jimboms1139d ago

Fair enough review to be brutally honest.

windblowsagain1139d ago

I think this game needed another year for adding some co-op or mp.

I'm actually on my second play through and would my view is a 7/10