Cities: Skylines Gets First-Person Camera Mod

Cities: Skylines has just been released and a really interesting mod for it has just popped up. As the title suggests, this mod introduces a first-person camera viewpoint to this city builder.

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Jimboms1195d ago

Amazing, this makes the game even more engaging and engrossing, that's the mod for my life disappearing.

3-4-51195d ago

* The game by itself without any mods or asset downloads is amazing, but mix in the buildings people have created plus the 50+ mods already and this game is a blast.

* I've rarely seen a game being this positively supported by both Developers, Journalists, & Gaming Community alike.

Why? Because they gave us what we wanted, and were very upfront and honest about it. They didn't BS anybody around, and they didn't try to pull one over on anybody.

Good honest people, respect other good honest people, and so they are being rewarded for not only being skilled at their jobs, but for being good people as well.

ProjectVulcan1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Awesome game. This is going to be remembered as one of the all time classic PC strategy games I can tell, just from the enthusiasm of the mod community this early.

The basic game works and runs impressively well. Usually new games need just a bunch of patches to get to an acceptable level for me which is a sad state of the industry. But this is great already.