If Bloodborne’s devs can’t beat the game, what hope do you have?

Bloodborne's New Game Plus mode has lead to the developers having trouble beating the game. What hope do you have if even the creators can't beat it? Do you want Bloodborne to be tough as nails or will you be put off it it's too difficult?

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GribbleGrunger1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

I have absolutely no chance whatsoever but I'll try! I had teeth marks in my controller after beating TLOUR on Grounded, so I'll probably end up with nothing but a frayed cord by the end of this.

Ballsack1171d ago

Sensationlist title much?

Article title insists game cannot be beaten by mere mortals...

Yet its only a special option of the game that the devs are finding hard.

The actual normal option of the game itself which im sure most people will start off with can be beaten..not gona be easy though

Hellsvacancy1171d ago

"im sure most people will start off"

You can't start New Game+ with out beating New Game so everyone will start off on normal mode, just like all the other Soul games

Ballsack1171d ago


I wouldnt know this is gona be my first taste of the souls series

GribbleGrunger1171d ago


It's actually a good thing you haven't played a Souls game before. If you try to play this game in the same way you'll get brutalised. This may share some elements with the Souls serious--and clearly the team are using that to promote it--but it's actually a new IP with a different approach. Think Souls plus Devil May Cry meets Resident Evil.

bouzebbal1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

bring it on! i'm ready..
so excited!!
i hope this game catches me so i can go for the plat.

Hellsvacancy1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

Fair enough dude, you should try Dark Souls 2 when it's out on the PS4, the others are great games also but DS2 in 1080p etc, awesome

joab7771171d ago

There will be ppl that beat it before the devs. Ppl have beaten souls games on ng++++. I beat DS on ng++, and while it's hard, it isn't impossible of you set yourself up right, take your time, and learn.

Yeah, according to other games, it's hard for sure, but I've had many more difficult experiences in gaming.

Ballsack1171d ago


Im looking forward to trying this,thanks for the info

XB1_PS41171d ago

Well, I'd better grab an extra controller or two. I have a feeling I'm gonna break a couple.

No but honestly I'm looking forward to the challenge. Not many games this big are an actual challenge, so when a From Software game comes I get a little bit giddy. Amazing devs.

nix1170d ago

i am no mere mortals... i am god of war!

OT: seriously though... i've already pre-ordered this game off PSN. i wonder when the game will start downloading.

i'm going to find it little awkward running around the same victorian settings after Order. still.. already excited!

Balsack.. if this is your first time in soul series... oh god forgive your anger in advance. and i hope you're blessed with lot's of patience. lot's.

Forn1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

I've beat Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls 2 countless times on the same character (ng++++ etc.), so I'm ready to do the same in Bloodborne. Also, the Souls games really take off after your first playthrough imo because that's when you can dig into maximizing your character and weapon development, as well as figuring out more secrets you may have missed on your first (few) playthroughs, and I expect Bloodborne to be the same way. Can't wait!

Why o why1170d ago

Lol. . .forms a seasoned vet. . . Help me bro

Forn1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

@ Why o why

Will do haha, just add me on PSN :-P

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Jaqen_Hghar1170d ago

A man platinumed Demon's Souls but TLoU on Grounded was much harder. Demon's Souls only took longer because of the lack of checkpoints. That doesn't make the game harder it just makes you do the easy parts again and again.

DarXyde1170d ago

Agreed. Granted, Demon's Souls was the one I didn't platinum (Dark Souls I and II, yes) but I still think Grounded was harder. I still shudder thinking about the hospital.

About the article though, it's talking about NG+, people who haven't read. What hope do I have? I AM the hope in the hearts of the helpless!

I'll be alright.

ps4gamer19831170d ago

TLOU Grounded is tough, but still not as tough as a FromSoftware game. I beat grounded moded 4 times already--only one of those times was it a new game +

WESKER20151171d ago

whats the point in making a game that you cannot beat?, i understand make it difficult, but to say gamers have no hope in beating the game kinda defeats the purpose of a game

Septic1171d ago

Don't underestimate gamers! Trust me, there will be some unbelievable story with days of release of how some kid beat the game on the hardest difficulty with taking no damage and playing with his feet.

There are some incredibly talented gamers out there. This mode is for fun and giggles, in a sado-masochistic way.

Hellsvacancy1171d ago

It's talking about New Game+, you have to beat the game to even start NG+ so yeah the game can and will be beaten............ by me infact, I normally go to NG+++ anyway, you normally need to so you can get the platinum trophy

GribbleGrunger1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

This is NG+. A normal playthrough will be challenging but a NG+ playthrough will be brutal.

Summons751171d ago

you do realize that a lot of devs openly admit not being good at their own games because they spend more time working on it than actually getting to play it right? Just because they made it doesn't make them the best at it.

elninels1169d ago

I imagine in games like this where tenths of a second longer animations will take the game from extremely hard to unfair, that the devs would have to have a good amount of time in playing the game.

Nicolee1171d ago

its always someone find the way to do fast run of Souls' series. this game might not be different.

Antifan1171d ago

There are always a hand full of geniuses out there that will beat the game.

Hellsvacancy1171d ago

I've never been called a genius before, thanks I guess

joab7771171d ago

I will bet you anything that this is to bolster the hardcore crowd and set them at ease.

Jaqen_Hghar1170d ago

Tell that to the guy who beat Dark Souls with a Guitar Hero controller

Jaqen_Hghar1170d ago

close enough

Also this video says a lot of a man's frustrations with the game. Hopefully they fix hit detection and checkpoints in Bloodborne (platinumed Demon's Souls so a man doesn't mind a challenge but checkpoints don't make it harder they just make it take longer and make you do the easy parts over and over).

UnHoly_One1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Don't forget that Destiny raids are meant to only be beatable with 6 players, and a few days ago somebody soloed one of them without even using his gun.

People find ways around everything, this mode on Bloodborne isn't going to slow a lot of people down. lol

Nykamari1170d ago

True, but he was at the last check point. He wouldn't have made it there without help.

UnHoly_One1170d ago

I thought the article said he ran the entire thing solo without guns?

thehobbyist1170d ago

People get to NG 10+ in Dark Souls games. This will be no different.

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yuukiliu1171d ago

Looking forward to seeing ManvsGame play this. And obviously playing it myself even if i suck.

GokuSolosAll1171d ago

Developers don't have to be good at games any more than jet engineers need to be ace pilots. I remember arguing with David Sirlin (Street Fighter 2 HD lead design) and he thought his word was absolute because he made the game, but it doesn't mean he can dictate anything about high level play (despite being a good tourny player). Nobody has that privilege.

Anyway, point is, this article is stupid.

Tapani1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

None whatsoever! And that's the point! Oh, and to die while trying. Many times. Maaaany many times!