Best Buy Loads Up For Bloodborne And Indicates Sony May Be Shifting Focus Away From The Order:1886

Best Buy has some big artwork up for the pending release of Bloodborne. As such the Order:1886 promotional artwork and such has been drastically reduced less than a month after release. As such Skewed and Reviewed have posted an Opinion Piece asking if Sony is looking to move away from the mixed reception of The Order:1886, enjoy the sales for the game, yet go all in on Bloodborne.

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GribbleGrunger1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

What? LOL

No, this is how it always works. You don't promote games that have already come out, you promote games that are coming out.

Garethvk1105d ago

I know that but what I am saying is that in less than a month after release they have greatly diminished all promotion for The Order:1886 and have upped the visability of Bloodborne even more than prior at retail.

At three Best Buys I had to really dig to find where The Order:1886 was, as they were not on well noted endcaps or in the usual section they were on a standee with other titles over by the PS 3 games.

GribbleGrunger1105d ago

Because The Order was a new and unproven IP and Bloodborne as links with a well known and loved franchise.

thanhgee1105d ago

Maybe they shifted focus to promoting bloodborne because idk... it releases in less than two weeks?

MazzingerZ1105d ago

That's how it works when you have exclusive games coming after each other, during last gen PS3 was releasing almost a exclusive game every month.

They cannot promote Bloodborne in April right? This month is Bloodborne's

However, at the Subway here in Stockholm I still see big posters promoting The Order 1886. They are huge and pretty awesome. They take a whole wall at my station, 3 after each other. I guess they will be gone soon.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1105d ago

So basicly Best Buy put some signs up and took some down?

I can see how that could be news worthy...

And I get one bubble for asking xbox wackos a question?

This site really does make my day...

Chevalier1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

What?! I work at EB Games and have done our marketing for over 5 years. We change our marketing for games every month. New month is new marketing. It's current focus is BF Hardline and Mortal Kombat this sunday. Sony reps update the sections themselves and the last update in February top section caps featuring Bloodborne.

Our whole current section scheme was copied with permission by Sony to be like their type of advertising. During the fall our advertising is updated weekly. Of course our Rep updates the sections along with ours as new games come out. We don't advertise product that has come out already except our fourways.

We advertise the newest products generally. For example our ceiling banners were Majora's mask and New 3DS and that changed r recently and I don't see articles about Nintendo switching focus even though the advertising for Nintendo in February was far greater than The Order. This article is ridiculous.

Our sections don't reflect what we want to sell so much as what each publisher has paid to advertise. That changes monthly sometimes weekly.

Helios861105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

That is usually the case, in my store we take down most promotional posters and standees after release, with the exception being Activision and EA crap.

There are alot of spots that are paid spots for advertising, like all the posters on the walls aswell as top lists (you didn't really think that was based on real sales did you?).

And ofc they'd want to prioritize their next big thing.

rainslacker1104d ago

Most retail advertising space is rented out on a weekly basis. The fact it was there a month is rather surprising. There is nothing major about this, just fishing for negativity to downplay the order. If the advertising stayed it'd be people saying Sony is trying to sell a sinking ship.

Other than that...what is so odd about Sony starting to promote it's new game releasing soon? Anyhow, in the future, when looking for a game at Best Buy...go to the games section and look in the console section. They are in alphabetical order. BTW, companies pay for endcap space too.

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Blaze9291105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

You give retail space to what is selling/sales. You take it from what isn't. That's retail. Regardless of how long something as been out. Most of the time, these are "paid-for" spaces.

And the thing with that usually is, it's not the retailer who sets these spaces up, it's the company reps (I've worked retail) - in this case, Sony. They'll either send someone to set it up, or send the promotional art and tell you what to do with it. I mean, where do you think they even get the posters to begin with?

And no, Gribble, that's now "how it always works". You promote what sales. You can still walk into some Best Buys in America (Maryland for me) and see Advanced Warfare promotional artwork.

And that game has surely, "already come out"

rainslacker1104d ago

True, but you give advertising space to whoever pays for it, and change it when the time is up.

Vendors don't set up stores in all retail environments. They will only set up shelf space for places where they pay for shelf space, the rest of the store is typically set up by corporate planners. But yeah, what you say it generally true.

Ad space may remain if there is no new buyer. Ad space is always paid for, or used to put in things that will drive customers to the store. 90% of everything you see in weekly fliers is paid for. Many sales are also sponsored by the manufacturer also, sometimes as payment for ad space.

It's hard to generalize though, because most outlets have different policies, but at best buy they do charge for ad space. i don't know why they would have up old advertising unless they just didn't have something to replace it with, or someone isn't doing their job.

medman1105d ago

You're making too much sense....go away. You don't belong here.

Garethvk1105d ago

Yes but Sony put a huge amount of time and money into promoting The Order yet appear to have removed most promotion for the game less than a month after release. We saw adds for Destiny on the PS 4, which yes I know is not a Sony game, as well as Killzone for ages, same with Little Big Planet 3.

die_fiend1105d ago

I think the Order probably sold incredibly well all things given.

But of course they're ramping up for Bloodborne, this is going to be a critical smash and as such, hopefully a commercial success. The amount of people who are buying PS4's just to get this game is ridiculous.

If you read Edge's verdict, you'll be very excited for how this has turned out. The word masterpiece was used twice.

Garethvk1105d ago

I am looking forward to it. Sales aside I still think Sony would do well to have this and Until Dawn do well as it makes E3 and other shows so much better for them to be able to say not only are we the best selling but our exclusive titles have done well.

yarbie10001105d ago

Why do people keep saying The ORder sold well??

It barely made the top 10 in Feb for NPD. NBA 2K sold better than it did.

SoundGamer1105d ago


Maybe because it came out the last week of February. It came out the last week of February and still made it into the top 10.

rainslacker1104d ago

Killzone may not be the best example as it was a launch title and at launch there just isn't as much to advertise. LBP is marketed all year round regardless of release. Destiny was probably a contractual thing for how long they would advertise it.

Sony is probably winding down promotion for the Order, but it's not something that you have to worry about. Just means they have another game to promote now.

Advertising is generally set up months in advance with retailers like best buy. They can't just say promote it for 3 months, pay for it, then say, wait...nevermind do this instead. If they advertised The Order for 3 weeks(or whatever) that's what they paid for upfront to have done.

thegreatklemba1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Maybe it sold what it needed to or what they expected. So they moved on to putting money into a game that's out in a week and a half. They could always put the order ads back up after bloodborne comes out.

MilkMan1105d ago

Best Buy being dramatic and wanting to sell what THEY have stocked up on. Sony never abandons their games, history teaches us this. It may not be talked about as much now that BB is on its way but it doesn't mean Sony forgot.

SoundGamer1105d ago

Sony retail reps do the advertising in retail stores. Best Buy had nothing to do with that promotion except allowing it to be in their store.

ninsigma1105d ago

I can't believe this is an article.
Why wouldn't they reduce it?? The game is realeased, it had its time, now it's time to gear up for the next big release.

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