Is it Doom and Gloom for Sony?

TK: PS Mobile ending. Is the PS4 strong enough to keep the Japanese juggernaut alive for the foreseeable future?

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saadd201042d ago

I think Sony isnt going anywhere, but they cant rely too much on the PS4. They used to be the king of tvs, I own one too!

freshslicepizza1042d ago

they need to focus on what products are selling and stop wasting money in markets they can no longer compete in. part of me thinks sony will be too stubborn to let go of the mobile space and we will see another handheld. all because they want their ip's to be sold on more than just one platform. i guess that's where playstation now is supposed to fill in that void but i don't think that is going to do very well.

doom and gloom really has nothing to do with the ps4. sony is putting a lot of attention on it and that's good for ps4 fans and bad for everything outside of it. sony is still trying to get back on their feet financially and their commitment to cellphones and other products nobody is buying keep sinking them.

XB1_PS41042d ago

What they need to do is make an affordable gaming tablet, that is attached to the Playstation brand.

The Playstation brand pulls a lot of clout. The Xperia brand doesn't.

If they made something were you can connect your DS3 to it with bluetooth, and made crossbuy available for it. People would go nuts for it.

bouzebbal1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

i won't buy that.. first because i dont like mobile games, and second taking a tablet out AND a controller isn't the easiest thing to do.

clearly you have no idea what you're talking about. Sony stubborn to let go of mobile space? You never owned an Xperia phone i can see (not Sony Ericsson).
Xperia phones have revolutionized the mobile world with the IP-class products. While you're scared to answer a call with your iphone 6 under the rain i have been answering calls, texting and all under rain for many years now!

Sony products have always been pricey, but you get what you paid for, unlike the competition selling you a phone with 0,0000000001s extra reaction time for gold.
Sony are terrible are marketing with their products, trying things for yourself is the only way to see the truth.
Bravia TVs? Best in class for gaming. Natural colors, no flashy shit like Samsung's.

People are pretty funny, going nuts for a ridiculous ipod watch (or whatever they called it).. the thing can't be used for over 4 hours.
There are brands for pigeons and brands for the other group.

morganfell1042d ago

These are the articles to which one is entreated when a nobody in a basement in Pakistan fails to comprehend why Sony ended PS Mobile. It was a hotbed moneypit of crackers and pirates costing far more than it was worth.

Only in the bowels of blundering adolescent attempts at game journalism can we find a deduction that equates a smart money saving business decision with doom and gloom. The article is rife with irony and especially so when one considers that it is these very sophomoric attempts at writing that are the real instruments of lost relevance.

u4one1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

The play station is the only product that is selling though. Tv sales have dropped 25% in the last year I believe. Audio system sales have dropped. Their computers have tanked and are now gone and their smartphones and tablets are not even coming close to competing with apple and Samsung and even samsung with its own dropped numbers is still killing Sony. So is LG for that matter.

I bet playstation gets spun off at some point or sold and the company goes under. On top of all of the bad sales they have had press. All of the stuff that came out after Sony studios got hacked, psn repeatedly getting hacked and their dealings with it are routinely criticized. The playstation is the only Ray of light Sony even has. Even their image works effects house shut down.

Septic1042d ago


"Xperia phones have revolutionized the mobile world with the IP-class products. While you're scared to answer a call with your iphone 6 under the rain i have been answering calls, texting and all under rain for many years now! "

Err I wouldn't call Xperia phones revolutionary. And you know I have one!

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Loktai1042d ago

Yeah its just clickbait. There are other contenders now in the TV arena but Sony's TVs are still some of the best for gaming period. If you look at comparisons of image ghosting and refresh Sony is still considered super premium. Way back in the day actually Sony's TVs were considered kind of over rated, in the 80s the trinitron was great and had awesome color, my ex and I had a 1980 trinitron with a remote, I actually played dreamcast on that and it looked great, color-wise at least even had the trinitron wire lines on the screen like a more modern one. Later on they were good, but not that much better and I felt alot of the Sonys built in the 90s had very orange reds and some of the other brands you'd go into the service menus and messed with the deeper settings and if you calibrated other brands you were easily in sony territory with better color, and less money.

Things changed alot... and I just made myself feel pretty god damn old talking about standard definition tube TV gaming... I used to go into the menus and adjust the screen borders and try to get the aspect perfect and adjust it right into the perfect area so a bright screen (most older TVS the total picture size actually expanded during bright scenes or flashes) and and the dark screen would both have acceptable overscan....

You know what Im going to stop now... I need to go emulate some old games, get sick of it realize Im wearing rose colored nostalgia glasses and play some dragonball xenoverse or something.

traumadisaster1042d ago

Best is true but you will pay double. I spent 2 months with several 4k tvs from last year and tried each one. Sony, samsung, vizio, LG in that order of best PQ and gaming.

I settled on the vizio because the slight drop in PQ was not worth paying double the price.

tiffac0081042d ago

Their TV division was already spin off and actually posted a profit last quarter. Its no longer the cancer of the company.

Sony's problem now is with their Mobile division which is reportedly planned to be sold or spin off in the near future.

Sony knows what they are doing now unlike before.

insomnium21042d ago

I bought a Bravia V-series back in 2005 and have been gaming on it consistently for a decade now. This is why sony's TVs are best. No need for a new TV in the near future (next decade) either. These things are built to last forever.

insomnium21042d ago

I gotta add that I was playing on my cousins new TV (I don't even know what it is but he did buy it recently and it is NOT Sonys) last friday and it seemed like there was something funny going on with the refresh rate or something. Every time the camera moved swiftly around in TLOU RE it looked funny like there was something wrong. Needless to say when I play it on my telly there's no problems at all. I noticed the problem right away though since I've played TLOU RE quite a lot.

LightofDarkness1042d ago

Probably uses motion interpolation. Your TV is old enough that it wouldn't have such a feature. I have a 2014 bravia that has motion flow, which is Sony's "240hz" solution. It looks terrible, regardless of manufacturer. Mine has impulse mode though which delivers near perfect motion, at the cost of luminance/brightness.

Ballsack1042d ago

This article made no sense

Cannot believe i clicked the clickbait

traumadisaster1042d ago

Yea I sniffed that out and didn't touch that article.

joeorc1042d ago


100% its like they are not even trying anymore to hide their lack of research!
Sony ,closed down playstation Mobile not because it was not generating profit, no they closed it down because..get this its not freaking needed anymore!

The reason being, is it now has served its purpose since now Unity3D is fully supported, there is no freaking need for the playstation Mobile section anymore. Because that is the #1 Game engine for mobile devices anyway. And since its already one code port across multiple platforms, playstation Mobile was set to do such, but Unity3D is much more established game engine, and it works very well.

Palitera1042d ago Show
joeorc1042d ago


"I know this article offends you and most of the N4G community, but try to use you brain once in a while when it comes to Sony subjects. "

Maybe you need to take your own advice, look do you know why Sony does not need Playstation Mobile anymore? you must know, because you sound like you have 1st hand experience/s
did you know one of the large limitations for PSM is this:

[ the PSM platform is Vita has 512MB of RAM. Original PSM only supports 98MB of RAM etc. It's just a virtual machine or you can say, an emulator that runs on the Vita.]

Listen to what i am saying , why would Sony need to keep playstation Mobile around, if the very Game engine Playstation Mobile Use is Unity 3D? are you getting it Now? there is no further need to have playstation Mobile section when Unity 3D takes its place because Unity3D is the largest Main Game engine for not just smartphones and tablets that run Arm Cortex but is also for the PSvita Platform for indies and 3rd party anyway!

you do know the SGX543MP4+ GPU inside the playstation Vita and the Playstation TV is the exact same GPU chip that is inside the iPadIII
what is the main source game engine for 3rd party and indies to use on Mobile devices such as smartphones and Tablets?

Are you getting it now?
Playstation Mobile already is no longer needed because of restrictions to the hardware would no longer be viable than what you can do with Unity 3D.."Majority" of indies and 3rd party Publisher switched over to Unity 3D!

thus Playstation Mobile was no longer needed.

"So you mean that if the mobile scene was giving them a ton of money, they would have discarded it because "it is no longer needed"?

Take a look:

DarkOcelet1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

Story quality?

Like this website?

Article's title?

traumadisaster1042d ago

Cmon brutha, all those bubbs, sniff out those bad articles before clickity click.

Hoffmann1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

Awesome websites are awesome <3

Next Questions:
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Are we all doomed and the end is near?

Loktai1042d ago


Hoffmann1042d ago

Ramen Noodles you say?

Doomed. Michael Pachter said so.

Loktai1042d ago

Yeah. I keep alot of import ramen around. Call me a hipster but I just cant stomach maruchan or top ramen for more than a side dish with butter... but man, indomie, nong shim, six fortune, sapporo ichiban, samyang, even paldo. I think I might have a problem.

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