Fallout 4 Isn't Called That - It's Fallout 5

Earlier this month, industry insider Shinobi602 gave the game away that Fallout will be at E3 2015. Giving rise to further rumors, he was then asked on a scale of 1-10 if Fallout will be at E3, his response: 11. In fact, the kicker is that Fallout 4 already existed 5 years ago.

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DarkOcelet1103d ago

Is there a reason for this article.

So long story short Fallout New Vegas was the fourth installment in the series. Nothing news worthy here.

CreepersSuck1103d ago

I think it's more the fact that people are expecting the term Fallout 4 at E3, but Bethesda were always working on Fallout 5.

AntoineDcoolette1103d ago

I don't give a **** what any 'insider' says about the next fallout installment. We've already been punked too many times by elaborate hoaxes I'll just think about the game when its officially announced by Bethesda.

BumperSticker1103d ago

Not really news, if you ask me.
I don't care if Bethesda calls it Fallout 420, just announce the damn thing.

TeamVVV1103d ago

It would be strange seeing Fallout 5 at E3 I have to admit. I never thought of New Vegas as a proper Fallout game, its playable area was smaller than 3 for instance. Still though it is an incredible game.

WESKER20151103d ago

fallout new vegas is fallout 4