Phil Spencer Doesn't See Steam as a Competitior in PC Gaming Space; is an "Upside Opportunity"

With great games at low prices, free online multiplayer and even a move into the living room space, you'd think the competition would be a little nervous about Gabe Newell's invasion, but apparently that's not the case, at least not with Microsoft.

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DarkOcelet1047d ago

Even if MS tried to compete with steam, there will be no competition because Steam is incredible with great services/amazing game sales etc etc etc.

Although XBL on PC will be very interesting.

chrish19901047d ago

Them Steam deals have my hard drive clogged and my bank account empty on a regular basis. Food's for suckers anyway...

XB1_PS41047d ago

There could be a service with better services/sales, and it still wouldn't compete with steam. Steam is too widespread at this point. The PC market is absolutely dominated by Steam.

Mega241047d ago

As long as it's not another GFWL then I'm good. Microsoft just need to accept that Steam is a big part of PC in general. Maybe extend their hand for support, instead they just pushed them away to Linux.

JsonHenry1047d ago

Phil is obviously not aware of what the word competition means.

traumadisaster1047d ago

No, he knows exactly what it means and it drives them to conquer all. He is lying, justifiably and poker faced.

I think he is doing great, but I'm on to his political showmanship, and I'm quite impressed.

JsonHenry1047d ago

@trauma- hahahahahahaha! My statement went STRAIGHT over your head. ZOOOOM!!!!!!!!

rainslacker1047d ago

It's called putting a spin on it to make it look like they're progressive. Competition sounds upside opportunity sounds positive.:)

It's synergistic.:)

Tctczach1047d ago

Steam will sell their games so seeing them as a competitor wouldn't make sense.

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Dario_DC1047d ago

I have a feeling that MS is going for Steam...
Could be wrong but I'm sure MS has more than realised the profitability of Steam and MS will try and get some of that pc money.
They'll keep Xbox for the people that like consoles and make the service as one.

hello121047d ago

Steam is great but x box live on PC has lot of potential.

x box live is going to be lot more stable than the multiplayer on steam, i have used it. Dedicated servers will be free.

Plus devs can now offer crossplay support and provide party chat between all windows 10 devices.

x box live will have 1 store for phones, tablets, PC and x box 1.

x box live is free to PC users not sure what will happen on x box 1. The benefits will be huge for PC and x box 1 owners.

Here is some screenshots of the x box app on windows 10, it was updated on March 10

You just sign in and you can download your video clips instantly- the ones showing are just small clips recorded by the x box dvr itself

Don't have to move clips from x box 1 to PC anymore!

Second screenshot is the PC to x box 1 streaming i tried to connect but its not working yet it could be coming in the next update?

Thats my gamertag i use to play competitive matches on 360 and x box 1 and you can add me on steam with this too!

Seafort1047d ago

The first thing I will do after I install Windows 10 will be to disable or uninstall Xbox Live.

I'm a PC gamer not a Xbox gamer and the more Microsoft push the Xbox crap onto PC gamers the more we will push back.

I don't need or want Xbox Live on my PC I have steam, origin, uplay and GoG for my gaming apps :)

After G4WL I want nothing to do with Microsoft on my gaming PC apart from their OS. Anything else will get binned.

rainslacker1047d ago

I wish MS all the luck in the world achieving success with XBL on PC.

That being said, PC gamers tend to be a bit fanatical when it comes to their storefronts. They have their own fan boy wars, and quite a few of them don't care one iota about XBL or the features it's going to bring. Most don't traverse around and try new services that haven't proven themselves, and Steam and GOG seem to be the major players for the most part because they seem like they're extremely customer oriented. Most PC gamers I've known, or have commented on the issue, only sign up for other services when forced to with things like Origin and Uplay, but will always opt to buy their game from their preferred service.

Unfortunately for MS, PC gamers don't have the fanatical hardon following for MS that they enjoy with their console space. Quite the opposite really, and many would abandon windows entirely if they could get all their games elsewhere. Unfortunately, SteamOS hasn't taken off to that degree. Otherwise, people use windows because it simply has the support.

Many people that game exclusively on PC know exactly what kind of company MS is, and that just turns them away from the idea of all this even more. Accept that, because as I've said countless times before, outside the console space, people don't have great love for MS. I'm not trying to downplay their accomplishments or anything, that's just the general perception, and in some cases it's for good reason.

MS has a lot of work to do to get people on board, and a bunch of good PR, and features that don't appeal to a great number of people, aren't going to sell their service to PC gamers as a whole.

MS would be better off focusing on those that aren't really into gaming that much because they probably don't follow MS that much. I wouldn't doubt this is their plan given that it's going to be free, and casuals aren't going to pay for this service any more than the hardcore PC gamer will. They'll integrate XBL into the UI to try and get people into their eco-system, which is pretty much the way they've handled Live(actual Live, not XBL) since it's inception.

So, all MS has to do is usurp Steam and GOG and Uplay and Origin and everything else. To do this they have to show why their service provides something tangible for people to use it. Then they have to compete for sales by actually being able to match the amazing deals that PC gamers already get on Steam or GOG or elsewhere.

It's an uphill battle, and their only real ammunition is that it'll be integrated into the OS, because every feature they tout for it is available in some way already for people that care about them, with the exception of remote play...which I wouldn't doubt it also available through a free 3rd party app.

sungam3d1047d ago

The ONLY way microsoft could have a chance at making steam raise an eye brow is if they brought all xbox exclusive games (past, present and future) to the PC via their xbox live system or what ever they may use.

Other than that. No chance in hell.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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