Maybe This Thing Will Make PC Gaming On The Couch A Little Easier

The way we play PC games is changing. Between Steam's Big Picture mode and the trend of living room computers, some people are soon going to run into a problem: how the hell do I play PC games on the couch?

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Volkama1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

PC gaming on the couch is easy.

Step One: Turn on PC
Step two: Use a control pad.

IF you do want to use a keyboard and mouse then look up Nerdytec Couchmaster. If you're rich, buy one. If you are not rich, grab a couple of cushions and a board to make your own. Do not bother using a lap tray or laptop table though.

SteamPowered1040d ago

Whoa! That Couchmaster is stupid-expensive but definitely opens my eyes to a new world of Kb/M in the living room.

Volkama1040d ago

It's comfortable, but really nothing you can't replicate for a fraction of the price. The basic concept is a lot better than resting things on your legs or using a laptop table.

Still easier to pick up a control pad, but some games just play better with the mouse.

Mikeyy1040d ago

If my ps4 controller worked properly on pc then I would definitely pick up more games on pc.

And I could use my ps3 controller but the libusb drivers make my sound go berserk for no reason. My old wingman controller 15 years ago did that too, don't know why game pad drivers effect sound volume..

cartman3131040d ago

Setting up the PS4 controller is really simple.

mixelon1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

I use a logitech keyboard tray with a pull out mouse shelf - combined with wireless kb & mouse. Trays can be ok! I don't mind it on my lap? Probably depends on the seating and the person's body type etc..

3-4-51040d ago

That mouse pad reminds me of a late 80's / early 90's Nintendo device.

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SteamPowered1040d ago

I'm anxious to see the Steam Controller tackle this kbm on the couch issue. I still play all my games in big picture mode on the couch with ol reliable 360 controller.

Volkama1040d ago

Also really looking forward to the steam controller, and also to Microsoft's wireless adapter for One pads.

Using the 360 controller is no great hardship though.

Tzuno1040d ago

lol wtf? i play all my games with a xbox 360 controller on PC. Best console i ever had :)

Edvin19841040d ago

I would have been all over this, but after getting my Asus Swift ROG monitor I just can't game on anything but that screen. G-Sync is freakin phenomenal lol...

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