Fable Legends - Game Director is relieved the game isn't like Evolve

David Eckelberry, game director at Lionhead Studios, said he is relieved that Fable Legends will not be like Evolve; in fact, the game does not force the player to pay 60$ for the box and 150$ for DLC, because, as we all know, it will be a free-to-play.

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DarkOcelet1165d ago

"Am I sort of relieved not be charging for a $60 box and $150 for DLC? Sure I’m relieved – because that didn’t go over well.”

Kudos to that director for actually speaking up his mind. I am pretty sure devs out there see how $hitty this practice is, i cant believe those corrupt reviewers didn't say $hit.

3-4-51165d ago

They realized people didn't know what to make of Fable Legends and that = not as many people would buy it, therefore they go free route and everyone can play it.

You then get your game played, talked about, and enjoyed by many more people who otherwise would not have given your game the time of day.

* This is how they get future fable fans.

Those new fans then buy the next REAL Fable game.

Adexus1165d ago

Shots fired!

In all seriousness I'm glad he has his head on straight, especially with Legends being free to play now.

MilkMan1165d ago

Now you know Evolved is f%[email protected]
Evolve was supposed to be XBone's little buddy and all.
What a waste of space that game turned out to be. :(

Elit3Nick1165d ago

I haven't regretted a single second of that game, people can crap on it all they want but it still is one of the most intense and unique class based shooters

mhunterjr1165d ago

2k's greediness ruined evolved for me. My friends and I were excited to play it, but once we heard about the pricing scheme, we all decided against buying it.

I think the The model being used for Fable legends is perfect for it. Actually I think it would probably be overlooked if it were a full priced title.

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