Titanfall DLC to remain free of charge from now on

Respawn has confirmed that the Titanfall DLC will remain free of charge for all platforms from now on and that it is not a limited time offer.

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Septic1107d ago

Oooh nice! They needed to do that to be fair (although I paid for it already). Hopefully it reinvigorates player numbers.

The exclusivity really did hurt this title's long term appeal (along with the lack of day one content).

hello121107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

x box 1 numbers are steady i always found a match when i looked. With this should increase the numbers in playlists with the dlc been free for all.

Septic1107d ago

Yeah oddly, its really smooth with matchmaking. Even to this day I find matches near instantaneously.

Saijahn1107d ago

I still enjoy playing it from time to time, they need to add more guns though.

Clown_Syndr0me1106d ago

I never have problems matchmaking but of you look at worldwide players on the DLC packs, last time I played (couple of months ago) there was only about 30 players on each play list - worldwide!!

Shame as it's a great game!

MetroidFREAK211107d ago

Interesting... Good thing I already had the DLC with the season pass ;)

ShowanW1107d ago

Love or Hate Titanfall, it does MP right.

Matchmaking, quick, easy, seemless, no headaches.

Everyone should mimic Respawn on this.

Spinal1107d ago

Lack of guns an wep attachments is the killing blow to Titanfall it's sad knowing this was made by the guys that brought call of duty to the next level with modern warfare.

Modern warfare had loads of guns

Septic1107d ago

But MW didn't get the balance right at all.

Titanfall is one of the most well balanced modern day FPS' ever. No really. Its surprising how balanced it is.

Spinal1106d ago


But at the cost of having hardly no weapons or customization. I'd hate if they simplified games for 'Balancing' that would really suck.

No game that includes variety of classes or weps is ever going to be Completely balanced. I've yet to see it in all my years of gaming and Titanfall as it is still isnt completely balanced. The auto aim pistol is really silly.

antz11041106d ago

Modern Warfare also had a load of guns that all felt the same.

Oh, and to date they have never given away DLC. Respawn gets my money from now on.

Tedakin1107d ago

Probably best. At this point anyone who was going to buy that DLC would have done it.

hiredhelp1107d ago

I was one who actually held off the season pass as much as i loved titanfall but my buddy wasnt as into it as me so i decided to hold off.
Glad I did Ive recently replayed it my gosh theyve really aded more stuff to it black market earning credits buying stuff ect. So this free season pass its really great.

I knew titanfall 2 was going to be on all platforms they knew EA made the wrong choice it wasnt there decision (Respawn) to be xbox/pc only That was down to EA respawn said in a interview about they were upset about that move.
Now EA seen they made a big mistake making this TF2 a multi platform hit will make everyone happy.

I hope they have true campaign for thoes wanting that for me it is all about the MP i hope they expand on that too im sure they will.

one thing I do like is the IP is owned by respawn I hope they never sell it to EA even thoe i know EA buy it in a instant to get 1 over on activision it would be a bad move thats my thoughts.

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