Horror Indie Nightfall Receives Steam Greenlight, Launches Early Pledges Campaign

The game will see you contending with Philippine mythological creatures in an abandoned mansion as you investigate a grim tragedy from 116 years ago.

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DarkOcelet1168d ago

This looks like a Slender man copy.

plsburydoughboy1168d ago

It's funny that you say that, cuz there's a lot more to it than Slenderman. There are different creatures that Ara faces, and the story behind it is closer to something like a Silent Hill or Phantasmagoria. Leaning more on Phantasmagoria.

DarkOcelet1168d ago

It seems to be a mix of alot of games.

Mansion/Typewriter/Individual s Disappearing... Resident Evil

First Person/Static view... Slender

Psychological horror... Silent Hill/Fatal Frame

Kyosuke_Sanada1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

I like the artwork and what I have seen with the creature designs but the music needs a bit of work.......