Opinion: Sony's customer support is broken

A user by the name of kadjar started receiving emails notifying him of purchases being placed on his account, totalling $600. After discussing this with Sony, he was given two painful options to choose from; he could have a refund from Sony, but only to a maximum of $150, leaving him $450 out of pocket, or he could raise a dispute with the bank to recover all the money, however in doing so Sony will permanently ban his account and in the process lose access to his entire digital library.

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mcroberts1198d ago

I would happily accept multi-factor authentication if Sony introduced it. Most firms do it now, why can't they?

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hellothere19771197d ago

Here, I did the work for the writer of this article.

You can read the chat for yourself and see that he was wasn't given "only two painful options." He was also given the option to be fully refunded after an investigation was done to ascertain the facts of the matter.

Of course,, this hardly matters since thousands of folks with obvious deficiencies in reading comprehension have already taken Sony to the stake for burning... the flames of which were fueled by irresponsible articles like the one here.

If you actually take responsibility for the poor work done here and want to show that this is not what your site is about, perhaps you might want to make a correction/retraction and issue an apology for damaging a company's reputation with falsehoods.

HakatoX1197d ago

I really appreciate your post.
Bubble up for you.

mcroberts1197d ago

Kreate, as we put in the post, we had contacted Sony for comment yesterday, to no reply and the first I knew of the transaction log was when hellothere1977 posted it.

If we had received a reply of that nature, it would have been included, without bias.

I would agree, this appears to be evidence that Sony are willing to refund the entire amount, even though the wording is kinda wooly to begin with. As such, we have asked our contact in Sony to verify and we will amend the article to reflect the update.

This users experience prompted the post and is sadly not the first claim of bad customer service from Sony, the other experience of customer service that was noted were not investigated or resolved amicably and is still outstanding as the person involved eventually lost faith in the system.

Hakatox. Unsure if your first post is regarding the article or my reply. If its my reply, it was to the user patently trolling us. You may see the post as click bait but to what end? We get no revenue from traffic and if we were just regurgitating someone else's opinion it would do us no good either.

As I said, if this is proven to be a false claim of unfair treatment by Sony, we will happily amend the article to show this fact.

HakatoX1196d ago

I was talking about your reply.

One person trolled you and you bashed all the users.
You threw a tantrum over one persons dick headed remark and you started up about N4G users.

You are a representing a site not yourself. Have some professionalism.

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