David Jaffe Shows Bloody PS4 Exclusive "Drawn to Death' Gameplay And More

Developer of the PS4 Exclusive 'Drawn to Death' has shared some little insight for the upcoming free-to-play Arena Shooter. It was already revealed that the title is set inside a teenager's sketch book.

The creator of God of War and Twisted Metal has been sharing minor updates for the title on Twitter now and then and this time the expressional developer has tweeted some Gameplay footage of the title showing one hell of a bloody mess and more.

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DarkOcelet1169d ago

The graphics seems to be sharper than last time and the game looks very bloody. Kratos must be proud :)

BartMoons1169d ago

I can see some Twisted Metal influences in the title but the graphical style keeps bugging me

DarkOcelet1169d ago

I love the graphical style in the game, makes it feel fresh and unique from other shooters or games in general.

bouzebbal1169d ago

i like the graphical style. Reminds me of Madworld on Wii which was a good game btw..
I hope this game is fun to play cause online only games aren't my cup of tea due to the repetitiveness of the tasks.

Tapani1169d ago

I love the style. It's old-school rad! :D

HammadTheBeast1168d ago

It's not for everyone, that's for sure.

Personally, I like it, feels unique.

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sinncross1169d ago

Interesting, maybe its just me but the colours on the characters themselves look more pronounced then what they were at the original reveal (where they were lighter and far more subtle).

DarkOcelet1169d ago

You are right actually and it looks better this way.

uptownsoul1169d ago

Have to say, I'm not really into the Arena Shooter genre. But there is something about this game that pulls me in…I think it's the art style

Loktai1169d ago

I still dont know how on board I Am with this style, it seems like something I'd need to play before judging but it has this weird look - and thats coming from someone who loves cell shaded games in general so for me to be on the fence means something has to really be bugging me about it. Ill probably end up with my foot in my mouth when it ends up being a blast, but still am I the only one?

crimsonfox1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

No sir, You are not. When this game was revealed I was like "really?" Oh well. I'll continue to check it out, hopefully it's good. I miss good old fashion arena shooters.

This being said, the footage in the article already looks better than the initial reveal.

BartMoons1169d ago

Might as well try it out eventually - Quake 3 Arena was the last arena shooter i played so

Loktai1169d ago

Good to know its not just me!

"This being said, the footage in the article already looks better than the initial reveal. "

True. I also would say it would pretty much HAVE to.

I will reserve judgement on the actual game until I try it, the style might change and improve, and/or grow on me if it turns out the gameplay is solid.

360ICE1169d ago

Ha! A great tribute to The Unfinished Swan, indeed.

Fishy Fingers1169d ago

I'll try it out as its free2play, but I'm certainly not sold on it.

BartMoons1169d ago

There are titles that I;'ve been sold on just when the initial trailer released and turned out to be so-so. Perhaps this goes the other way, who knows

Crummybear1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

I'm pretty excited to see how this one turns out. The art style is unique obviously, but it all comes down to the gameplay. This looks like a lot of fun.

xxCaveman_88xx1169d ago

Having played the game at psx, there is a lot of depth to the gameplay mechanics. I think it'll be a lot of fun once you figure out all the controls and character moves. I definitely could feel the twisted metal inspiration in it.

Loktai1169d ago

This is great to hear, I have voiced criticism on the look but I'm in no way writing it off without first trying it.

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The story is too old to be commented.