Dragon Quest Heroes is a Solid Crossover Game

Dragon Quest Heroes is far from your standard Dragon Quest RPG. Rather, this game is as much Dynasty Warriors as it is Dragon Quest—and that is in no way a bad thing.

Dragon Quest Heroes takes place in the Kingdom of Erusaze where monsters and humans live in harmony. However, one day, a mysterious magical portal opens which turns all the monsters feral. To turn the monsters back to normal and save their world, Act, Meer, Dirk, and Giulietta begin hunting the one responsible for all the chaos. Along the way, they join forces with characters from Dragon Quests IV through VIII who are also on the trail of the mysterious villain for his attacks on their own respective worlds.

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yuukiliu1221d ago

I have 13 hours into this game so far. It's The best crossover DW game I've played yet. Being able to switch between 4 Heroes on the fly is A wonderful thing. Monster friends are also fun to mess with and actually add some strategy to the game.