Hayter: It Will Be Painful To Play Through Metal Gear Solid 5, Possibly Hints Colonel's Appearance

"I am thrilled. I had a run that voice actors dream of."

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PeteyMcPickle1046d ago

He's got to be trolling us at this point. Why is he being so vocal about the fact that he's not in the game? I fully expect a sneaky little cameo towards the end.

gameseveryday1046d ago

Indeed. I am now sure he is in the game in some capacity.

Gatsu1046d ago

Rashid I believe David will make some special appearance in the end of TPP. I've always thought that no matter how many times he deny it lol :D.

Maybe he has managed to fool us all during these years. Just hiding his special appearance in the end of the game due to some well made plan with Kojima :3...

But to know for sure, gotta play it.

porkChop1046d ago

He isn't being vocal about it. People keep asking him about the game every single time he does an interview.

Joe9131046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

To be honest how many times did he take to twitter about this issue yeah he has been very vocal. I understand at the beginning when he felt Kojima didn't even tell him hey I am replacing you but to be still speaking about it and when doing a interview they can say hey no questions about MGS but he do not do that. I am starting to believe the theory that you play through MG1 by the end because Kojima need to either explain how BB goes back to fox and becomes SS boss but I do not see that happening so I think they will change that part of the story with this game.

Ratty1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )


You mean how Big Boss goes back to the Patriots and re-forms Foxhound? That's explained in MGS4.

Edit: Well I suppose they don't exactly explain how Big Boss and the Patriots got back on "friendly terms."

caseh1046d ago


I'm not completely clued up on the timeline but I figure it will end with the player using BB and losing to SS which will explain how he was believed to be dead OR You play as SS and see it from his perspective with BBs survival being revealed at the end of the credits...probably dialogue only as they tend to do.

Joe9131046d ago

@One_Eyed_Wizard & caseh I think the whole theory that SS will show up at some point in the game and you replay the events of MG1 is a really cool idea but
I kinda hope that does not happen Kojima said this is his last MGS but he did say if it continues which I think Konami would keep it going remaking MG1 & 2 would be a great start for a new developer then maybe do their own thing afterwards if it makes enough money.

Kumomeme1046d ago

he's being vocal about it himself..even without people asking it

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Adexus1046d ago

I think he's advertised the game more than Kojima at this point lol

destructo8881046d ago

I'm 90% sure this game will end as an almost pseudo remake of Metal Gear 1. Either the game will switch perspective's and you will play as Solid Snake sneaking into Outer Heaven and facing Big Boss. Or you will see it through Big Boss's perspective.

Ratty1046d ago

If we haven't been lied to about the year, it's about 10 years before Outer Heaven. I suppose it's not impossible but with what we've been given it's unlikely.

Kojima isn't too big on time jumps in the same game either. MGS2's Tanker-Plant gap (2 years) being the biggest in all of his games, I believe.

caseh1046d ago


With the exception of BBs coma which is 9 years. :)

Jaqen_Hghar1046d ago

That's why it'll be painful. He's just trolling the game saying how painful it will be for fans to not have his voice /s

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moonlitknight1046d ago

At some point Big Boss and Solid Snake might be face to face, they can´t have the same voice actor.

Summons751046d ago

That's assuming the timeframe for the game goes that far. From the trailers looks like we will be seeing Liquid as a kid which means if we do see Snake, he will be a kid as well. Hope we get to see Solid though.

Ratty1046d ago

The post-credits call should be Big Boss briefing Solid Snake on the Outer Heaven infiltration. I think that'd be a good use of Hayter's voice even if it's just a cameo.

moonlitknight1046d ago

You´re right, but i´m pointing at a Metal Gear and/or Metal Gear: Solid Snake remakes. Kojima saying it´s his last Metal Gear is old news.

skulz71046d ago

Hayters in the game. This is kojimas last mgs game, he is definitely in there.

burza19821046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

Kiefer Sutherland - Big Boss
David Hayter - Solid Snake
It's all have sense when next game will come - Metal Gear Remake. Solid Snake fighting against Big Boss. Will be stupid if they have the same voice of Hayter.
Both playable character - that will be epic. And more epic - in the final battle you choosing which one you want to play.

DarkOcelet1046d ago

In The End though, only one person will win. I really feel bad for Big Boss.

fitfox1046d ago

painful in what regard? lol "Painful"? this has to be play on words.