Interview with David "Solid Snake" Hayter

FN: "So upon requesting an interview with voice actor David Hayter, i never thought i would get it. How ever i was wrong. David accepted the interview and i began prep work to interview the SOLID SNAKE. To make things better i invited 2 amazing people to co-host. They were YongYea (A very talented YouTuber) and Korrupt Ronin (An awesome live streamer and podcast host). "

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hkgamer1107d ago

hayter confirmed to not be in phantom pain?

Summons751107d ago

we'll find out September 1st if we've been played for the past 3 years (probably to deduce spoilers) or if it's all been true and we just read too much into it. Personally hoping they've been play it off as him not coming back to hide plot details seeing how they've only shown us Afghanistan and a small section of Africa. I'm really getting a MGS2 vibe now, which was awesome when I played it on the ps2.

hkgamer1106d ago

hiding plot details as mean hiding solid snake?

They are probably hiding something, Africa, Afghanistan and random hospital scene doesn't seem big enough. maybe we get one more small location, or several tiny locations like hospital/camp omega.

GokuSolosAll1107d ago

A MGS without Hayter. No thanks.

DEEBO1107d ago

I like his voice acting but the real star is the guy that made the series Kojima.

I'm not missing out on my favorite game franchise because of this dude.

I love james bond movies and that character gets replaced all the time.

hkgamer1106d ago

3 short points but got everything spot on.

Gatsu1106d ago

Those are EXACTLY what I think about all this.

I will experience Kojima's last MGS definitely because I love the saga. Also MGSV will be the best of the series for sure :), but that opinion is of course different for everyone.

Btw great interview ^_^.