Find Destiny: Xur Agent of the Nine vendor location – March 13-15, 2015

Xur is back in Destiny armed with exotic goodies for your perusal.

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Mikelarry1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Tuesday gally, friday red death this has been a good week for me

Mikelarry1199d ago

lol hey sad to hear my friend one day soon you will own this beauty

NewMonday1199d ago

I got almost everything, after the Knucklehead radar today I only want Ruin Wings and Armamentarium

every exotic is a must have, buy them all even if you don't have the character for them now, you may create one in the future and have the good stuff ready.

Red Death+Black Hammer+Hunger ofC combo turns the Crota raid hard into easy mode

Spinal1199d ago

Nice I got suros but it's time to try out a diff primary exotic :)

InTheLab1199d ago

Congrats. You know what I got Tuesday? Shards, coins, and the Devil you Don't /facepalmsaltyashell

Nineball21121199d ago

Just checked and luckily I have enough strange coins to get this!

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90Supra1199d ago all I need is a Thunderlord

Cra2yey31199d ago

Yesssssss Red Death!!!!!

taijutsu3631199d ago

Finallyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! !! Ugh Ive been waiting forever! Tuesday 4th Horseman Friday Red Death!? Verily Nice! Now only exotic Im missing? Crux!

Stapleface1199d ago

Another week of stuff I already have. 3rd time he has sold Red Death and there are still guns he hasn't sold or only sold once. Come on, if they are going to change it at least give us something like Thunderlord or Hard Light. I'd personally be happy if he sold Mida, because I missed it the one time he sold it.

AKS1198d ago

He sold Red Death in the early days of Destiny when most did not have a big stockpile of strange coins.

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