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Joseph Dwan writes: Her Story is my pick of EGX Rezzed. There, I said it. Ever since I saw it was announced in the Leftfield Collection, there has been a VHS scouring detective itch that has had to be scratched. Who knew VHS tapes could be so enthralling?

Her Story is a game where you play a detective, looking through a police computer’s old interview clips on a case from 1994. All of these clips are from interviews with one woman and are from a ‘real’ interview filmed with an actress, Viva Seifert. Obviously, game with live-action segments aren’t new. Her Story uses the filmed segments to create an almost eerie sense of immersion. Through her acting and the visual glitches on each video, there’s something almost uncanny valley-esque about the game. The subject matter is heavy and only seems to get worse, adding to the incredibly dark atmosphere.

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