Level-5 Announces Vision 2015 Event, Teases New Titles

Hardcore Gamer: Level-5 has announced it will hold its annual Vision event on April 7, and surprisingly confirmed several exciting new games will make an appearance.

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LightDiego1140d ago

Another game with Studio Ghibli for PS4, please!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1140d ago

Yokai Watch 3
Layton 7
Fantasy Life 3

3DS is gonna bring a lot happy faces to Level 5 and Nintendo.

Hopefully in this event or before the svent confirm that the first to games will come in a collection and anime.

Collaboration title I could see Nintendo with this considering they released a lot of games for 3DS in the past years.

Cross-media project will be something for handheld devices