Xbox One Exclusive Detective Visual Novel Title Gets A New Look

Last year, Mages revealed several new titles that are in the works for Xbox One, including Mystereet F: Curtain Call for the Detectives. We haven’t heard much about it since then, but the official website was recently updated with a new message and look.

Mystereet F is in development at Division 9, which is the new studio of Makoto Asada, formerly of Cave. In addition to the upcoming remake from the original Mystereet for PC, PlayStation 2, and PSP, they’re also working on a sequel called Mystereet 2: Farewell Counter.

Aoi Nanase who did artwork for Falcom’s Zwei!! was originally announced as the character designer for Mystereet F, but due to health concerns, she has withdrawn from her position, and has been replaced by Mystereet’s original artist, Carnelian.

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DarkOcelet1101d ago

Never played Mystreet but this looks interesting. Visual novels usually have a cool story.