"Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5)" 4K Quality Comparison PC, Ps4 and Ps3

"We can see that the PC version of "GTA5" simply beautiful for words, whether it is physical modeling, lighting or shadows, both on the host to enhance the quality of the original version of a big slice."

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FullmetalAlchemist1225d ago

Good...honestly I'd be pretty disappointed if the PC version didn't get utilized to it's full potential.

MRMagoo1231225d ago

Yeh that's crazy , I would never have guessed a high end expensive pc playing gtav in 4k would look better than the new consoles, that's shocking wow !!!! /sarcasm

xHeavYx1225d ago

"Hey, what can we do to get some clicks"

"Let's use Youtube to compare GTA graphics, let's add 4K to the title even though the video will be at 1080p"


inveni01225d ago

@xHeavYx YouTube has 4K support. They just didn't use it.

decrypt1225d ago

I recently made the move to 1440p monitor. Its definitely a big step up from 1080p. Previously i never thought there would be much of a jump. I think the difference is pretty much the same as the jump between 720p and 1080p.

I would think 4k would be amazing. I would upgrade to it as soon as there are more 5k monitors out there with atleast 34inch real estate.

blackmagic1225d ago


You're right, a youtube video DOESN'T capture just how much of an upgrade it is on PC!

ProjectVulcan1225d ago

The fact the video is 'only' in 1080p but it's still obvious the PC version is way out in front means this will be the ultimate version to buy and keep for me.

Even if you can only play it in 1080p now, you can replay it much higher resolutions later when you have better hardware. This is one of my favourite things about PC.

user55757081225d ago

ps3 version clearly looks the best. PC has rather blurry textures

DLConspiracy1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

I am pretty sure this is sort of an advertisement to PC gamers. They are trying to entice them to buy the game by showing them its able to go 4k. I mean if you have the power. Why not.

Personally I am more stoked about what comes out of the mod community for the PC version.

ikarodemon1224d ago


This video is right done.
Youtube 1080 to 4k is not important in this case
because images are scaled to 1080 with zoom.

See now? "Genius"

PeaSFor1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

begging for two years old console game.

really, pc master race?

pc gaming is pretty much a niche market at this point, im not saying its dead...but its almost irrelevent seeing how sales are pretty low on pc versus on consoles, sure you get some anomaly like LOL or DOTA 2, but thats pretty much it.

i mean .....numbers dont lie, consoles drive the gaming business and thats a blatant fact.

--Dark Souls global sales as of Feb2015:
Windows, 0.07m
PS3, 1.96m
Xb360 0.94 m

--Dark Souls II global sales as of Feb2015:
Windows, 0.12 m
PS3, 1.12 m
Xbox 360, 0.54 m

--Evolve Global Total sales as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.07m
PS4, 0.42m
XbOne, 0.28m

--Wolfenstein: The New Order Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.34m
PS4, 1.17m
XbOne, 0.48m

--Far Cry 4:
Windows, 0.42m
PS4, 2.97m
XbOne, 1.09m

--Battlefield 4 Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015
Windows, 1.22m
PS4, 2.63m
XbOne, 1.70m

--Alien: Isolation Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.12m
PS4 0.66m
XbOne 0.31m

--Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.30m
PS4, 6.25m
XbOne, 4.22m

--Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.28m
PS4 2.09m
XbOne 0.95m

--Watch Dogs Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.34m
PS4 3.54m
XbOne 1.31m

--Dragon Age: Inquisition Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.45m
PS4 1.39m
XbOne 0.64m

--Trials Fusion Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.02m
PS4, 0.27m
XbOne, 0.13m

--Assassin's Creed: Unity Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.40m
PS4, 3.05m
XbOne 2.57m

--Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.57m
PS4, 2.23m
XbOne 2.05m

starchild1224d ago


Begging? Oh please, we've all known this game was coming for a long time, no one is begging. Rockstar is just taking their time with it.

Besides, it's not like console gamers don't have to wait to play certain games that PC has had for a long time.

I can't believe how defensive some of you get every time a comparison article shows up. Why bring up all this irrelevant stuff?

And where are your numbers from? If they come from tracking retail sales then it's pointless because digital sales comprise the majority of PC game sales (not physical copies sold at retail).

In any case, it's true that certain titles sell less on PC. That's simply due to the fact that PC gamers in general have somewhat different tastes than console gamers, as well as the fact that there are more games on PC overall and sales are therefor spread out among more titles.

Overall game sales on PC are much higher than any console platform.

cemelc1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )


Where did you get those numbers from?


Those charts make no sence, it makes more money, i agree (wont be debating that), what is making money?.

Would be better a list of games.

Those charts are as useless as the numbers...

kraenk121224d ago


Lol for taking retail numbers when most sales on PC happen digitally!

DLConspiracy1224d ago


Sales are not everything you know. I would say ever since I started gaming on my rig. That I started playing more than consoles. Mostly because I can play games old and new. A lot of games on PC have not made their way onto consoles. The gaming community is large enough to have more titles than consoles do. I still game on consoles but there is no reason to downplay PC gaming. Its rich with developers and gamers alike.

krypt19831224d ago

regardless you can still tell the difference so whats your point..

Vegamyster1224d ago


Vgchartz does NOT take into account digital sales, over 90% of sales of PC are Digital

cemelc1224d ago

@krypt1983 nope, the point is that pc gaming makes a lot of money, but if most of that money comes from dota, wow, lol, farmville, then it doesnt account for 90% of the hardcore market in term of games, so it is a big deal...

That chart is as useless as PeaSFor numbers.

LAWSON721224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )


You are hilarious, you know those numbers from VGChartz are physical sales, right? Therefore, you wasted all that time pointing out nothing.

Hell, Dark Souls 1 and 2 were only sold physically in EU. Physical distribution for PC games is small and to actually use VGChartz like it proves something is just absurd.

slappy5081224d ago

*gives an ironic round of applause at 30 fps* as you might have gathered by now PC gamers aren't a retailers best friend. Out of my 20 games installed currently on my PC only Battlefield 4 was a physical release.

The_KELRaTH1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

All it shows is the PC uses more detailed texture packs due to more CPU/GPU power.
Surprised some of the PS3 stills looked better than PS4 though so wonder if it's just poor comparison work

4K lol

and another lol @PEasfor

and besides the PC being mostly digital do you have any idea how many games that are on the PC never even get to consoles or the user made maps and game conversions that add so much to existing PC games (go see ModDB for instance)!

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UKmilitia1225d ago

i was happy enough playing it on my ps4 a year before the pc people get it but i hope they enjoy it.
they have waited long enough.

starchild1224d ago

Sometimes you just have to wait a little longer for the best.

cemelc1224d ago

"a little" by that you mean 2 and half years....

Lon3wolf1224d ago

It's only been out on PS3/360 originally since Sept 2013 so only been out 1 1/2 years, played it on my PS3 and will play it on PC.

2 1/2 years really cemelc?

cemelc1224d ago

Yeah you sure have shown me!!! >_>

I mean now ill have to go back to my time machine and tell 2013 cemelc to remember the date of gta 5, thats how important it will be >_>

A full year of games have come and go, more than 365 days, thats A LOT OF TIME, it better be worth the wait.

AndrewLB1224d ago

Cemeic- Funny how nobody was making that argument when all the PS4 fans were hyping Planetside 2.

The_KELRaTH1224d ago

I just wish they'd do a PC version of Red Dead Redemption.
I enjoyed it enough on the PS3 but the graphics were rather blurry whereas a PC (and even PS4/X1 version) would shine.

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ZombieKiller1225d ago

I can't believe the difference in some of those shots! First off, that closeup of the hands was a bad comparison. I've never seen hands look like that on my PS4 copy. They were pretty bad.

For the rest of the shots, I really can't believe that the PC version looks THAT much better. That was quite a difference. Actually makes me wanna buy a PC as this is my favorite game. Pretty badass

ThunderPulse1225d ago

PC renders so much more of the veggies!

EternalGamer1225d ago

Maybe all rockstar devs became vegetarian lately. "we need to render more Veggies in game now". lol just jk.

sparced1224d ago

Officially released polished screenshots vs PS4 captured gameplay? It's not really a fair fight.

TheSaint1224d ago

It's amazing how many people seem to have these top notch rigs that could run the entire internet on their own without overheating.

Stapleface1224d ago

Your on a gaming website. It not far fetched to encounter people with gaming rigs on a gaming website. Besides recommended gpu's is a 660.. Not exactly "top notch" anymore.

The_KELRaTH1224d ago

Rigs in preparation for Star Citizen!

TheSaint1223d ago

Recommended isn't going to get you 4k.

Which is the whole point of what I said, so many people who own PC's lie about their capability. So they will not be able to run GTA at these specs.

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Locknuts1225d ago

The have a great team working on the PC version. If Max Payne 3 was anything to go by, this should be brilliantly optimised. Can't wait to finally play this at 60fps.

Hellsvacancy1225d ago ShowReplies(3)
NiteX1225d ago

Wow that's actually impressive. I wasn't expecting that much sharper of textures and detail compared to the PS4 version. I figured we'd be getting the same with just options for higher screen resolutions.

hirobrotagonist1225d ago

too bad the ps3 blurred out ferris wheel in the background looks more realistic from a distance

frostypants1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Yeah...not sure why they toned down the atmospheric blur effect. Sure, it take more horsepower to not have it, but it actually looked good.

kraenk121224d ago

I'm sure PC graphics are highly configurable meaning blur can be added if wanted.