Game Theory: Are GTA V Cops Racist? (Grand Theft Auto V)

Matthew Patrick always does a top notch job investigating the hot button and weird issues that linger in the mind of gamers via his YouTube series Game Theory. What the show lacks in flash, it makes up for with a wealth of information, a welcome and refreshing thing for some folks.

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Massacred1224d ago

Buts thats just a Theory. . .

just_looken1224d ago

until you play the game but in a way i know im going to get internet attacked but isnt la to a degree like this?.

KwietStorm1224d ago

If by LA, you mean USA, then yes, "to a degree."

LackTrue4K1223d ago

But Michael has the ability to go stealth/ sneaky.

KwietStorm1223d ago

Everybody can use stealth. Michael just has a higher base stat.

1224d ago
mhunterjr1223d ago

Not enough data to tell, but if it is true , kudos to Rockstar for their attention to detail. They are masters of parody and no one is better at making fun of American culture.

Antifan1223d ago

I thought it was just me, but I've noticed wanted stars last longer if you play as Franklin.

dcj05241223d ago

Only in his home area though which makes sense

Phoenix761223d ago

I laughed so hard at the headline I almost spat my coffee out. I guess its true what they say, art does mimic real life

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The story is too old to be commented.