First Image of Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae’s Summon Showcased by Jump (Spoiler Warning)

The Japanese mnga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump posted the first picture of the summon players will be able to use in Final Fantasy XV‘s demo Episode Duscae.

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Kurisu1010d ago

I couldn't bring myself to look, not when I'll get to play the demo NEXT FRIDAY! \o/

NoctisPendragon1010d ago

1 more poor European , same here :(.

Kurisu1010d ago

Yep, I'm in the UK. It sucks that we've got to wait a few more days after the rest of the world, but we've waited this long so I'm sure we'll cope...just :p

Kurisu1010d ago

Well I might as well click now!

ShinnokDrako1010d ago

"The text explains that the summon will be available under specific conditions, and that summoning won’t be the same as in the previous chapters of the series, possibly indicating that we won’t be able to summon our mighty allies at will."

Nooooo, let me summon at will, please ;( Even that crap of FFXIII gave me that choice (sort of and with obscene mechanical creatures...) ;(
I really miss the old good FF summons, it was one of my favourite parts.

Hanso1010d ago

i fear summons are going to be CG Movies when you summon them just like in Crisis Core..

I mean i just cant imagine how they are going to pull it off to summon those huge monster like Titan, the water snake ect.

ShinnokDrako1010d ago

Uhm... i didn't think about that... i really hope not =(

thejigisup1010d ago

Exactly.... Move along people nothing to see here. The img isn't worth it if you are interested.

thejigisup1010d ago

I really hope it's not just cutscene or story driven summons only. Perhaps a chain/combo system or low health/dmg bar. Summons are such a huge part of the FF series i hope they find a way to include a huge amount of them.