10 Atmospherically Best PC Games of All Time

WorstnBest: Games are the immense getaway. A top of the line ticket far from reality. A few games are about mastering frameworks or pursuing high scores, however others are about climate. About making an authentic world and transporting you there. The accompanying exceed expectations at this through their utilization of sound, visuals, and feel.

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imranmani1107d ago

How can be war games are atmospherically best?

XBLSkull1106d ago

BioShock and Dead Space are the two best I've ever played, both are on PC. DayZ should be switched to ARMA.

CanadianTurtle1106d ago

Here, have a "disagree" for your terrible English. You get zero points for editing your sentence.

OpieWinston1106d ago

Dark Souls with a pic of Bloodborne. Seems legit.

AnotherProGamer1106d ago

Went in looking for STALKER was not disappointed

samchez771106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

so many exclusions. Skyrim is my #1. but what about:

GTA: San Andreas
ALL the Dead Space games
Alien Isolation
Red Dead Redemption (oh....PC)
Dragon Age Inquisition
Silent Hill (the original)
Valiant Hearts
Anything by Sierra (old school)
Halflife 1&2

Atmosphere isn't just about graphics. Sound is also very important. Almost moreso in some cases....

Should of been a top 20 :)

s45gr321106d ago

Surprised, this war of mine was not included

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