New Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Show That it's a Fantasy Based on Reality, More than You Expected

Square Enix just released new screenshots of Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae, and this time around they’re rather peculiar, as they feature a collaboration with the real world outdoors equipment company Coleman.

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RocknRolla952d ago

*yawn* these guys are flogging off all these screenshots making me bored now for this game. Can't even experience it on my own anymore.

jambola952d ago

You could always try not looking at them?

gamer7804952d ago

one of the first missions i heard you do is to fill your car up with gas...

360ICE952d ago

That must mean the whole game is like that!
- Smartest person on the planet

gamer7804952d ago

It was only a demo, the public has no idea what the entire game will be like.

360ICE952d ago

Not sure if I like product placement in FF games. A fantasy game based on reality shouldn't translate into "Final Fantasy brought to you by Pepsi". I was better off not knowing this.

Kyosuke_Sanada952d ago

If Noctis drinks Mountain Dew while eating Doritos during a cutscene I will bust a gut. XD.

rainslacker952d ago

Especially since we all know Coke would be the better choice as it's more Final Fantasy like.:)