Destiny's Xur cannot be datamined anymore, Bungie trolls with No Land Beyond

GC - "According to a miner, Bungie has implemented a lot of changes. He says that, “Instead of Xur having one single constant IP on one port, he now has multiple."

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JWiLL5521222d ago

No Land Beyond 999 Damage. 3 No Land Beyond armor types.

Some top class trolling from Bungie.

jmac531222d ago

I like how Bungie uses No Land Beyond to troll. Basically admitting they created a useless gun that everyone hates. Can it be called trolling when you are the butt of the joke?

thejigisup1221d ago

Yes, the ultimate troll.

jhpadilla1222d ago

You fix datamining instead of fixing the ACTUAL game?!?!

Wow? Really? Nothing like sinking to a new low Bugie.

Datamining is just a reaction to the many problems in the AWFUL loot system of the game. That among other problems.

Fix that and believe me data mining will go away without any of your 'help'.

OmegaShen1222d ago

Its funny how you think this is all that they are fixing, yet they posted a huge number of things that should be fix with the next patch and vault space being part of it if everything go's well.

32kills, 2 deaths using No Land Beyond. Could have done better but was only using No Land Beyond for kills.

Doja1222d ago

I'm just glad I can go back to being disappointed on Friday again, instead of being disappointed in the beginning of the week.

CorndogBurglar1222d ago

Xur has actually gotten a little better the past couple weeks. A LITTLE.

He's actually started selling armor pieces some people wanted and that he hasn't sold before. He's begun selling heavy ammo packs again. And he's also supposedly selling exitic envrams every week now.

The weapons havent gotten any better, but i'm actually kind of okay with that. I play Crucible a lot and the last thing i want to see is everyone runninv around with Gjallahorn and Suros Regime. This is coming from someone who doesn't have either of those guns either.

rebeljoe141222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I wish Xur was my undertaker at my funeral so he can let me down one last time

Tiqila1221d ago

I'm still not sure whether this game was a failure or a success. There seem to be a lot of people who want it to be a failure, but I'm never sure if its only shittalk or whether there is real disappointment. Guess I need to try it out eventually.

Tex1171221d ago

It was a failure in terms of expectations.

It was a success in what they actually delivered.

If you got past the hype and the let down, you were left with an addictive rock solid shooter with some rpg grind elements and really fun raids.

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