PS4 Keeps Winning, And Without The Help Of AAA Exclusives

Once again, PlayStation 4 has beaten Xbox One. But in looking at the current market situation, one wonders how the system maintains its popularity.

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sinncross1194d ago

Sony made a better first impression.

BitbyDeath1194d ago

And provided the better games.

chrismichaels041194d ago

Congrats to Sony on the PS4s continued and impressive worldwide success. I can see 2015 being an even stronger year for the PlayStation brand with all of the great looking new exclusive games, massive 3rd party support and deep library of high quality indie titles all coming out this year.

AngelicIceDiamond1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

@Death That's highly subjective.

But people just want a PS4. Reminds me of when people wanted 360 even though they were light on AAA's but heavy on indie arcade.

The only difference is Sony released The Order and next up is Bloodborne.

But the rest of the year seems to left to be desired.

Sounds like the case with PS4.

Again congrats to Sony though. Its only gonna get better regardless.

Ballsack1194d ago

And now bloodborne is coming...

AngelicIceDiamond1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

@Cupid I tell the the truth, I'm in absolutely no pain.

The PS4 just sales by itself which is a strength on its own. At least until GoW 4, Uncharted 4, Grand Turismo, GG new Ip, Ratchet and Clank etc. see now we're talkin.

Half of those games you listed don't resonate super well at least in here in the western market excepts for Street Fighter.

Just seems desperate to hype those games up like that.

Godzilla? You really think that's gonna be good? Those JRPG's won't get that huge attention that a AAA new Ip or existing Ip does.

I played Tales on GC, PS2 and PS3 so I know my JRPGS and I play them so when speaking tastes I'm aware of the popularity and they are fun.

Same with indies I need my indies fix as well.

But the popularity won't be as big as some of MS games this year. Halo 5 ad campaign alone will drown out some of the titles you listed.


Cupid_Viper_31194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Lol @ Truth.

"But the popularity won't be as big as some of MS games this year. Halo 5 ad campaign alone will drown out some of the titles you listed. "

Again you keep on repeating those tired ass lines, yet month after month, the cheaper XBox One is getting handled, both in the US and Worldwide. Evidence would suggest that more people want whatever the PS4 is offereing than anything else on the market.

3 months ago you were playing Halo and Forza. Come this fall you'll again be playing Halo and Forza. Go back to 2 years ago, you were again playing Halo or Forza. It gets sooo repetitive and....boring, to be honest.

Please don't pretend to know what will please millions and millions of PlayStation gamers. It's not an accident that Sony's kicking Microsoft's ass for the 3rd time in a row now. It's a very simple for formula actually, if you have a user base of 150 million, don't only make games for just 10 million of them who love Gran Tursimo. But also make millions of other games from which the other 140 million gamers who don't care about Gran Turismo will find something that suits them.

That thinking of BIG GAMES ONLY is one of the many reasons why the XBOX brand is practically DEAD outside of the US.

AngelicIceDiamond1194d ago

@Cupid No I was playing Halo and Sunset last year. This year will be Halo and Quantum Break if not that I'll be playing Fable or Tombraider.

Next year it will be Scalebound and Phantom Dust.

This isn't 2011 or 2012 anymore.

But I do agree MS needs a bigger presence outside the US market.

If Scalebound and Phantom Dust turn out to be great then I can see some at least, wider appeal for MS.

Either way though congrats to Sony. It just seems right now to me at least the console is just selling itself right now.

But that will be a different story once Bloodborne releases.

But after that well, its gonna continue to sell well, simple.

Lev19031194d ago

@Cupid_Viper_3 Have you played those "boring" games? I dont think so. I wonder why you dont comment and those other games then? Ryse, dead rising, titanfall, screamride, Ori and the blind forest, killer instinct, project spark?

And its normal that a all multiplatform games sell more on the PS4 because its fanbase its almost double the size of the xbox one. Its simple math.

And you are putting MGS5 on your exclsuive list? Really? Its just simple truth that the Xbox one exclusives had more gameplay value and quality than PS4 exclusives. The best exclusive ps4 had is a remake from a 2013 game.

freshslicepizza1194d ago

they have the best brand recognition right now and the more powerful console. plus they have a history of giving console owners the best support for software.

then when you add in a very good price point of $400 and a system developers like working with and you have a recipe for success.

i love it because it means nintendo and microsoft are forced to try harder by either price wars and/or more software support.

choujij1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

@ Cupid_Viper_3 "so please, go play some apps".

LOL XD Amazing.

On topic: The PS4 is selling better because it's focus and value from the beginning has been on games.

My 2 cents on some of the comments above: An individual's taste on what platform he or she may prefer is subjective, yes. What's not subjective, is to say that the majority of console gamers on this planet prefer to game on PlayStation. That is fact, backed by sales. And real sales figure too, not just some shipped numbers, which at one time were greatly inflated due to extremely high hardware failure rates.

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Deadlead1194d ago

And when Sony enacts their price cut this holiday season, expect black Friday tramplings to sky rocket!

UKmilitia1194d ago

pathetic post this for many reasons

"one wonders how the system maintains its popularity"
because its the better of the 2 systems maybe?

"I guess I'm just surprised that all this is happening without the assistance of a AAA exclusive."
because its the better of the 2 systems maybe,with better 3rd party?

"They continue to beat Xbox One even with a more expensive price tag for PS4, which is just plain mind-boggling."
why is it mind bloggling? its better so people willing to pay more maybe?isnt boggling is it.

" we're still looking at a system that doesn't have that much to offer from an exclusive standpoint."

maybe people want there games to be slightly better looking,trust them more?know it has a better exclusive line up ?

tell me what the xbox1 offers for less money ???
pathetic post.

andrarfc1194d ago

Better in your opinion maybe.

Gamer19821193d ago

I among most my friends chose a ps4 for its exclusives and no i'm not talking about TLOU and driveclub and the order.. I am talking about Samurai warriors 4, NIS games like Digaea 5 and other great exclusives nobody talks about because there not AAA games. These games sell consoles not AAA games. I have only once ever bought a console for a game and that was my first 360 for Gears Of War (the Gary Jules mad world advert on TV blew me away) but that was a whole new generation and I got tired of waiting for the ps3. AAA games are part and parcel of consoles but 90% of them are either 3rd party or sequels that people are bored of by now. They will buy if they own the console but most dont buy for Halo or Gears anymore. They buy for the little titles at least a few. As if your really stupid enough to buy a console for one title over many (unless you see another advert as good as gears which i doubt we will ever see again) then your a fool.

Septic1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

anymore You lot celebrate sales like you have shares in the company lol. Clearly games dont matter anymore!

I buy my consoles for the games. One next gen console has a better game library imo and by a big margin.

Anyway, this goes to show just how big a lead Sony has, even when its games come up short. Any wins from MS will be a rarity from this point out, in terms of sales anyway.

Ballsack1194d ago


1.why are you bothered?

2. Why try to be cryptic in which console you think has a better library? And by a BIG mArgin lol,Its not as if we dont know the console you prefer is xbox why not just have the 'ballsacks' to say it?

3. You talk about games not being the focus,yet your console of choice has no AAA exclusives till the holidays... Ironic

Anyway ..who's Getting bloodborne?

Septic1194d ago


"1.why are you bothered? "

Why am I bothered by hypocrisy (like I how I heard sales 'didn't matter' last gen)? Have a guess.

2. The Xbox One. Happy?

3. Well you see, you want AAA exclusives but we've seen how well The Order fared didn't we? Then you have indie titles like Ori and the Blind Forest which are actually decent. Also, some of us have all gaming consoles so we don't neglect our gaming experiences because of blind fanboyism.

"Anyway ..who's Getting bloodborne?"

I am.

Ballsack1194d ago


Sigh,by which camp did you hear sales dont matter? Because if your stating playstation owners thats kinda confusing as ps3 outsold 360 worldwide every month...oh wait your talking USA which equals the world right

2. Na not really you should have just stated xbox one from the get go..ive seen people call you out on your stealth before..your an xbox lover,thats all good i like my playstation..see no stealth.

3.the order..was enjoyed by many,sold alot,So fared quite well even though there are tons of room for improvement for the hopeful sequel,oh you mean panned by reviewers..the same reviewers that ive seen you harp on about not listening to review scores but judging for which is it? As for ori i will be getting that plus the olli olli 2 and helldivers...both platforms have had good indies this month.

Some of us have all gaming platforms? Well lucky lucky you...Unfortunately i dont,i only have a ps4 and a xbox one (xbl ruggeddabawse)..will get a wii u when zelda comes out so dont play the all consoles card to hide your xbox fanboyism,you prefer one console over the other thats fine..

Your getting bloodborne? well done hope you enjoy

WelkinCole1194d ago

So if people celebrate sales means they don't care about the games anymore?.

I don't understand your logic.

A bigger userbase is more attractive to 3rd parties, 2nd parties and new upstart studios to make their games let alone first party.

It is obvious to anyone that more sales means bigger user-base means more GAME support.

So the two are actually directly link.

Genuine-User1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

@ septic

1. Both the quality of games and sales matter. We are a passionate bunch.

2. I am pretty sure that everyone buying a console does so to play games. I also think the PS4 has a better library of games.

3. Games come up short? Have you been living under a rock pal.

Spotie1194d ago

Yes, Septic. Most PS4s were bought to change the oil in people's cars. We PlayStation fans really don't play games on our PS4s.

Oh, wait. More games and more software sold on PS4 than XB1! With more consoles sold, that sounds like more people think the PS4 has the better game library... and with that almost ten million console difference, I think the margin is more than "large."

And how can you accuse anybody of acting like they have shares in Sony when you act like you're on Microsoft's payroll?

UKmilitia1193d ago

games do matter and thats the main reason the ps4 is doing better imo.
nothing on xb1 had me regretting buying a ps4 on launch.

titanfall i got on pc,ori on pc.

yet on my ps4 i have loved
the order
last of us
knack and lbp with my kids.

plus the many 3rd party games that have been awesome this gen and at a higher resolution(which i need at 106" screen.)

im not into racing games and fed up of halo because i played those when i got a xbox at launch and a xbox 360 from launch(which i still have in kids room)

im a 33year old gamer not some spoilt little brat kid and i have to work for my games.

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lelo2play1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Since the PS4 handles multiplaform games better then the X1, the only way Microsoft could win is with "gigantic" system exclusive sellers... and when I mean exclusives, I mean real exclusives. Not console exclusives, not timed exclusives. Real exclusives that sell consoles and can only be found on their system, forever. Timed exclusives, timed exclusive DLC, console exclusive (game launched simultaneously on the PC) don't sell consoles...
I purchase a console for exclusives games that I can't play anywhere else.

Most people have already purchased a PS4, so why would their friends purchase a X1 instead of a PS4, if not for exclusives? Microsoft need way more exclusives then Sony if they want to sell more consoles then Sony.

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lifeisgamesok1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Xbox One is greater imo no matter how much the PS4 sells

You mainly hear about Sony's 1st party offerings being disappointing so far

Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Killer Instinct, and others get lots of praise

Multiplatform differences are slight with the Xbox One having better textures sometimes

lodossrage1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

You need to do your homework before you comment next time.

NONE of those games are made by first parties. Forza Horizon 2 was done by Sumo Digital, they do games for both Sony and Microsoft, heck they did LBP3

Sunset Overdrive done by Insomniac, 2nd party

Titanfall, Respawn, EA dev

Killer Instinct- f2p done by Double Helix, now owned by Amazon

And don't even start on that Multiplatform thing. Sure SOMETIMES the XB1 as a better version. But look at the MAJORITY of games out and being released. They normally turn out with the PS4 version being the better version

Elit3Nick1194d ago

Forza Horizon 2 on X1 is made by Playground games, Sumo did the 360 version

Stiffler1194d ago


"NONE of those games are made by first parties. Forza Horizon 2 was done by Sumo Digital, they do games for both Sony and Microsoft, heck they did LBP3 "

Partly wrong. Sumo did the Xbox 360 >PORT< of Forza Horizon 2, Playground Games and Turn 10 (Turn 10 is Microsoft Studios subsidiary) collaborated for the making for FH2...

You're also wrong about Killer instinct. It was developed by Rare and Microsoft Studios with the help of Double Helix Games (Owned by Amazon) and Iron Galaxy Studios

KI IP is owned by Rare/MS obviously...Not sure where you're going with that one :|

Someone else needs to do their homework (hint:you).

lodossrage1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )


Fair enough. But it doesn't change the fact that everything he mentioned wasn't a first party effort. And no, doing it in collaboration with another studio doesn't count.

But considering I don't buy into MS products anymore, why SHOULD I do said homework?

Edit- Also, I never said MS didn't OWN Killer Instinct. I DID say Double Helix Developed it. Ownership and development are two different things.

Stiffler1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )


You just went from "NONE of those games are made by first parties" to "doing it in collaboration with another studio doesn't count."

So which is it? MS technically did play vital parts in making said games...They didn't simply hand their MS owned IP's over to outsiders and say 'be gone, finish our games'.

I don't mean to be rude here dude, but you sort of just went around in circles.
Edit: Special spelling

lodossrage1194d ago


What going around in circles do you see here? Hell, I even admitted you were right when I said fair enough.

All I'm saying is that lifeisok can't sit there with the perceived idea this their first party studios are carrying the weight, ESPECIALLY if they have to get 2nd parties to assist. Which is why I said it doesn't count.

So you'll have to explain to me this going around in circles you're referencing.

Death1194d ago

Is it safe to say their console exclusives and third party support are better than Sony's first party offerings? You are trying too hard to not count games exclusive to the Xbox One which doesn't really make sense.

The majority of the multiplatforms are better on the PS4. The problem is you can't tell unless someone points it out to you. When a game is "technically" better, it's much less impressive than "obviously" better. The same people that try very hard to make the minor differences between the two seem huge are the same ones that claim a game that averages a 6 on metacritic is as good as a game in the 8's or 9's. Funny how they can have superhuman senses for some things and are blind to others.

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masterfox1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )


hahahaha nah is to easy lol is too damn easy XD

remixx1161194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Douglord is that you bro, or maybe lolbiasedmuch?

I swear your all the same person, but whatever I'll bite.

What lodosrage said above is correct many of those games arent first party and the only other big ms exclusives was HMCC.

Also I love how a couple equals all to you guys as the order and knack was the only truly disappointing exclusive so far, and before you bash DC, it was only because of its botched launch, the game itself is phenomenal.

Its crazy how you people will stick up lists of HMCC, forza, sunset overdrive and titanfall and scream about how MS killed it last year and Sony failed, while ignoring ffxiv, tlou re, mlb the show, lbp3, infamous as, transistor, DC and guilty gear.

I have a XB1 and it sits proudly besides my ps4 and looking at their libraries side by side instead over the fence gives a much clearer perception on how good each one has done........also my wiiu sits just below them, all three of them are black so I get them mixed up in the dark lol.

Death1194d ago

FFXIV, The Last of Us, MLB and LBP are all great games on the PS3. The PS4 versions are pretty much straight ports with a minor graphical update.

Infamous and Driveclub are both great games. I honestly have no idea about GG and Transistor. Bloodbourne is looking to be a great game though.

styferion1194d ago

lol no, dear US citizen, buying XB1 outside US/UK is a waste unless you're a really big fan or rich enough to not care about console preference.

- many of its media features aren't working
- so very few of XBL friends to play with

now compare that with PS4

- has long tradition
- offer wider variety of games
- many friends to play with
- and, well, more powerful, but let's not talk about it since it's not important

really, maybe to you XB1 is great, well good, that's because you live in 1st-world country, here we pay more than $400 for less feature and no friends to play with.

try live outside, you'll see it's true.

Death1194d ago

This is the biggest problem Xbox faces worldwide. Media features you can forget now. PSVue won't be accessible any time soon for you either. Neither will PSNow depending on where you live.

Friends and long tradition go hand in hand. If your friends are buying Playstation, so will you. I'm not sure how Microsoft can address this. It's an uphill battle they struggle to make progress with.

If you get a chance, shoot me a PM and let me know what you think they need to do to be more appealing where you live.

Lev19031194d ago

I got like 13 apps here in the netherlands for the xbox one against 4 apps with the PS4. I got 4 friends on the PS4 and 8 on the xbox one.

The only thing i know is the tradition. I know alot of guys just bought a ps4 without considering a Xbox because they bought a ps3 before that and ps2 before that. And no they dont care about sales and they dont care about being more powerful and they surely dont care about apps. Thats why playstation will always win in europe against Xbox no matter what. Even if the xbox had more exclusives and was more powerful.

Automatic791194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )


Here is the thing PS4 came out with a great game plan and MS didn't, They had a good strategy and executed with effective price, games only approach and communication. Therefore leading to great sales. Lets call a spade a spade. As far as MS goes they might take a loss on sales but they are picking it up in creating better games and arguably working harder to earn our trust back which is why I say to you that no matter how much you point out the truth on these threads you are going to have your loyalist/PS4 gamers who know that the quality and reviews are higher with Xbox games but are going to tell you otherwise. Think of it like the Xbox 360 and PS3 era, when Xbox had the lead and did it with less retail games and more Indies we heard it all specifically, for example, no games, Indies don't count, why pay for online, F-Sales, our system is better even though sales spoke differently and guess what the same comments made back then are the same that we hear today. Overall, lets accept what we see now and let this generation play out because in the end its the overall generation and great games that counts not sales that gamers are going to talk about.

Ballsack1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )


Neither console has had as stellar line up but its a year in...thats understandable... ps3 was the same in the beginning and we know how that turned out, some of the best games ever created talk about have said alot reversed alot... lol reversed ALOT dont act like the buying public dont know,ms have been shouting it from the roof tops..maybe the public want exclusives throughout the year not just the holidays?Maybe the public realise sony have the best first party studios and can wait two years till their games drop?Maybe the public want better multiplats?Maybe the public like the more diversity sony offers in its game portfolio's?

Ps3 outsold 360 with its year long head start worldwide every month so that was a stupid point to make and didnt help your rant..facepalm

Xb1 is cheaper and getting beat worldwide 2-1..this is without the main first party studios so far (or the china launch this month)..but guess what?Thats changing....Bloodborne says hi

Death1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

You want to call a spade a spade? At the reveal Microsoft's console was labeled a cable box for it's media plans. Sony was all about the games and gamers ate that up.

A little over a year later and the PS4 can literally replace your cable box with PSVue which was in the works well before the reveal and Microsoft has released the arguably better games.

If you believe what someone says more than what they do, Sony nailed it. Microsoft having to earn trust back is a joke. Sony has lied from day one and people don't care. Microsoft's biggest issue was telling the truth about what they wanted to do. Once people twisted it and mob mentality built up they gave up on their vision.

krypt19831194d ago

@death your right the xbox is the better console overall it's future proof, Don Mattick almost ruined the xbox good thing phil is around, i barely play my ps4 and when i do its a remastered ps3 game thats sad.

chrismichaels041194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

@MichaelLito - If we're going to call a spade a spade, let me be honest and say I find it very hypocritical of you to be criticizing the PlayStation community for being proud of the PS4s massive worldwide success when you yourself spent the entire PS3/360 era saying "only sales count".

You also spent the better part of last year mocking the PS4 as the "indie-Station" because of the strong indie support Sony has...yet this year youre now praising indie games on xbox since MS is making a stronger attempt at deepening their indie library.

The bottomline is that the PS4 already has some very good AAA exclusive retail games, a ton of high quality indie games and has even released better quality versions of many of our biggest 3rd party games. These are the reasons why the PS4 is the #1 selling next gen console on the market today. Stop trying to downplay the PS4s incredible success and just enjoy the best of all worlds.

trouble_bubble1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Mob mentality twisted what? MS is responsible for flipping their own switches. From DRM and always-online to parity clauses and the Kinect disconnect

@ krypt
Whats so future proof revolutionary about AA batteries?

Automatic791194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

@ ChrisMichael

Where do you see me knocking the PlayStation's community for its fantastic sales or indies. In response to sales they do count. What I am simply stating is that while most of the PS gamers hear are using sales as a booster that is all, when it comes to games that didn't meet there demands they always use excuses. Let's call a spade a spade. Due to there games not maching the hype. I see it here, twitter, Facebook and other websites gamers are saying that MS exclusives are better on paper. Overall just like last gen when Xbox 360 was winning gamers bashed Xbox as well so overall no matter what it is a moot point. As far as list wars goes practically all those indies are on Xbox One or coming, heck some of the PS4 indies are on 360 so again another moot point. As far as me knocking them heck I have PS4 and download free games and purchased a few so I am supporting them, were do you see me knocking again goes to my point last gen Xbox 360 had more indie exclusivea then PS3 and as a matter of fact you were knocking them saying they don't count I just laughed, fast forward now look who uses them in his favor. Again mocking you have to check your history, as of right now this generation is playing out like last gen, gamers who mocked paying for online are paying, gamers who said indies didn't count are now saying they count(inclusive using list wars sites that only favor PS4), gamers who said that good reviews matter are now saying they don't. Bottom line is that PS4 does have a great lineup and so does MS. When it comes to more do diversity, better rated games and New IP's MS is winning check the website you posted list wars. By the way Here are the retail games that MS has DR3, TF, RYSE,Forza Horizon, Forza 5, Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC, Disney Fantasia, Shape Up, Fighter Within and Screamride. Not all are blockbusters but the options are fantastic, isn't that what you stated at one point having more options. I didn't mention the Xbox digital exclusives for the sake of keeping it retail. Pardon not reply back to you (check pm) you reply tab is missing.

chrismichaels041194d ago

@MichaelLito - Now youre just contradicting yourself. Youre saying youre not criticizing the PS community for proudly celebrating the PS4s massive worldwide success...yet the point of your entire rant is to tell PlayStation gamers they should only talk about games and not sales. A complete flip flop of your opinion during the PS3/360 era where you didnt want to talk about games and only wanted to focus on consoles sales.

Even now you keep falling back to your old habits everytime you mention how 360 "won" last gen in sales completely ignoring the fact the PS3 had been consistently outselling the 360 in overall *worldwide* sales (not including the US obviously) since 2009 and even negated the 360's 1 year head start to the point where the PS3 even reached the 80 million sales milestone 11 months faster than the 360 did (360 reached it in OCT 2013. PS3 reached it in NOV 2013).

As far as Indie games, dont try twisting reality. Even you have admitted the quality of indie games have improved tremendously this generation since the PS3/360 era. As much as I have enjoyed many of PS4s great indie titles, my main focus is still on retail games like The Last of Us, Infamous, Killzone, MLB The Show, LBP3, DriveClub, The Order, Bloodborne etc...

I only bring up indie games when you use them to pad your list of xbox games while conveniently ignoring the fact that the PS4 still has almost 4X as many exclusive indie games as xbox ( Even now youre dismissing facts on listwar by making the ridiculous and untrue claim that all of the indie games on PS4 are also on xbox (PS4 has 97 exclusive indies. Xbox only has 26) while also ignoring the huge wave of new indie games still flooding the PSN store every week.

chrismichaels041194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

PS4 - TLOU Remastered(95), FF Realm Reborn(86), Guilty Gear Xrd(85), MLB14 The Show(83), Infamous(80), LBP3(79), Samurai Warriors 4(76), Killzone(73), DriveClub(71), The Order 1886(65) and Knack(54).

X1 - Titanfall(86), Forza H2(86), Halo HD(85), Sunset Overdrive(81), Forza 5(79), Dead Rising 3(78), Fantasia(77), ScreamRide(71), Kinect Sports(60), Ryse(60), Shape Up(58) and Fighter Within(23).

As far as comparing the quality of games between the PS4 and Xbox One. Lets be honest. Both systems have released games that were both good and bad. In fact, Xbox One has more games with a metascore below a 70 than PS4. Saying Xbox games have "more diversity" or "better rated games" is not an accurate statement. The PS4 has a very diverse lineup of games so far touching on several different genres. In fact, some of those PS4 games youre downplaying have even outscored many of the xbox games youre hyping up and praising.

If you want to quote other vocal xbox fans on social media that are upset the PS4 is outselling the Xbox, so they have resorted to bashing PS4 games that they have never played...thats fine. I can just as easily point to your attention all of the PlayStation fans on social media that have actually played and enjoyed some of those very same PS4 games.

If you want to compare "winning checks" on listwar, PS4 has more released games, upcoming games, Plus vs Gold games and Free to Play Games. If we're including indie games, PS4 also has the more new IP category as well. But of course now your flip flopping back to saying indies dont count again and ignoring facts by saying Listwar is part of a conspiracy of websites against xbox.

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22CobraKing1194d ago

Titanfall was one of the fastest game this generation to have a dead online community.

MysticStrummer1194d ago

You like XB1 better? No way.


PS4 is greater imo, and sales have nothing to do with it. I can't remember the last time my gaming fun was dictated by how someone else felt about a game. It sounds like a sad state to be in.

Multiplatform differences are more than slight and show no sign of going away.

Hoffmann1194d ago

The xbone does not play Disgaea or even Samurai Warriors 4 and probably future Dynasty Warriors games.

It was an easy decision for me.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1194d ago

The Order has outsold every Xbox One game for the last 3 weeks and it was in the top 10 (number 9) for software sales for the month of February even though it was only available for one week.

Microsoft doesn't have very many FIRST party offerings except for Halo, Xbox Fitness, Project Spark, Fable, Kinect Sports, and Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood, Forza series.

And there were only two of those that were well received and had respectable sales numbers

Forza and Halo. The rest can't even compete with PS4's indies.

Death1194d ago


So you are saying The Order outsold every Xbox first party exclusive released since February?

I'm impressed you pretend exclusives don't count if they aren't first party. I'm fairly certain I still enjoyed Gears on my 360. I never could get it to play in my PS3 though.

Ikki_Phoenix1194d ago

Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Killer Instinct, and others get lots of praise

and still all floped
while games like driveclub and the order outsold all the craps u just mentioned and will keep to do so

Death1194d ago

Please provide a link to show all of these games performing worse than Driveclub and the Order.

If what you are claiming is true, you are saying games that receive good reviews don't sell and games that review poorly are all the rage on the PS4.

NeoGamer2321193d ago

Honestly, if DriveClub and Order have outsold Project Spark, Titanfall, Killer Instinct, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, etc that speaks to a sad state of gaming more than anything. Sony fans should not be proud of that...

It just talks to what a sad state of quality games are at on PS4 and the desperation of PS4 fans to buy them. "Look my console of choice has better sales of crappy games than the great games on that other console!". Something to be really proud of... LOL.

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Jalva1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Like I said before, the exclusives aren't what's selling the PS4, the superior hardware and third party games are, this year will just further prove that.

Rimeskeem1194d ago

I have a feeling Bloodborne, No Mans Sky, and the R and C reboot will move a lot of consoles.

Jalva1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

I don't.

However, I do see Mortal Kombat X, The Witcher 3, Batman: Arkham Knight and MGSV moving a lot of consoles.

iamnsuperman1194d ago

I feel exactly the same way and for this I fell Sony should change tactic on when they release their first party. The temptation would put them in the holiday season but it doesn't do the PS4 and favours since third party games are selling the system (we all know the biggest third party games release in the fall). For the time being Sony need to release their exclusives at other times of the year

deecee331194d ago

Gotta agree with Jalva. Among me and my friends, I was the only one to own a PS3 last gen, and I actually wanted to trade in for a 360 on many occasions because nearly all of the multiplats and many of the exclusives just plain ran better on the 360. Now we are seeing the tables turned. It was clear early on that Sony had designed a more powerful system *focused on games*. The Xbox TV features didn't prove to be very important to any of us because most of us rely less and less on cable TV and more on Netflix/Hulu. And all of this factored in before the One was announced to be so much more expensive. None of us are the type to buy two consoles so PS4 is what we all own now. I have to imagine that for the sales gap to be this wide, there are plenty of people who are thinking the same way. Sony just came with a clearer focus that hit on what more people wanted this time around. And I originally was dead set on owning a Microsoft console this gen because I thought they'd nail the games and provide just enough media features to make the box nice to own in other ways. In my view it was their game to lose, but it appears they didn't learn from last gen, and Sony did.

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stonecold31194d ago

to me ps4 rocks and im happy with the games i own on the system

GribbleGrunger1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

So The Order wasn't a AAA title? The PS4 got a nice boost but clearly it couldn't have been because of The Order! Must keep this narrative going of no games and the 'miracle' of PS4 sales.

lodossrage1194d ago

I know I'm going to sound bias with this comment, but I don't care, it's what I think and feel.

Most of Sony's games get burned simply because they don't have the media in their pocket nor are companies afraid to cross them.

Because I'm almost certain if Microsoft put out the games Sony did, they wouldn't be met with such hate, if any at all.

Hell, I always felt even Destiny was shafted by reviewers mainly because Sony were the ones promoting it instead of Microsoft.

Yes, before anyone says it, I KNOW that thought comes off as biased. But in THIS regard, it's how I feel.

remixx1161194d ago

I kinda feel this way to, I found ryse and the order to be in a very similar vein and even though ryse caught plenty of flame, the order got beaten like no game before it during the previews and after its release the poor thing stood no chance.

Also I found games like titanfall, as fun as it was, to be seriously lacking in content and things to do l not much was said about that outside outside of angry joes review.

Though I could be wrong and maybe I'm just looking at the whole situation kinda funny.

GenuineGamer1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

I find it strange that you feel that way considering Sony are the ones actually doing those things you speak of.

Just look at all the add revenue sites have had for Sony. all the bs marketing lies and bad business practices.

Then that dev having a hissy fit saying they should pull revenue support for sites not willing to give good reviews...

Sony even got fined for having fake reviews a while back.

The orders low scores are justified. Its polished and looks good but as a game and overall package for $60 its underwhelming. Just accept it already quit beating a dead horse and move on.

Kiwi661194d ago

Why is it that when a playstation game gets a bad review etc that somehow MS are behind it yet you don't see people say that sony are behind it when xbox games get bad reviews etc so looks like you see a conspiracy where there isn't one