PAX East 2015: Smite Xbox One Hands-on Preview | Marooners' Rock

Andrew writes:

"In 2014, Hi-Rez Studios released the third-person MOBA titled Smite. As everyone has grown used to MOBA’s such as League of Legends, DOTA 2 to name a few. I grew tired of the idea of a MOBA since it was always PC focused, which isn’t bad, but what about console players who wouldn’t mind one? Even though console owners have at least one MOBA on Xbox 360 there hasn’t been another since. While I’ve heard of many MOBA’s titles I’ve given some titles a chance. However, one that did catch my eye was Smite when it was first released, but with working and trying to get in some gaming I didn’t have the chance to really give it a go."

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Bigpappy1226d ago

I smell another sleeper hit coming. Not just from this one preview, but from all I have heard about it so far. Sounds like a game that can hold gamers attention for a very long time.