Top 10 Unconfirmed 360 Exclusives @ E3 '08 (XboxOZ360)

Previously we've covered this year's strong and broad exclusive AAA lineup, but it wouldn't be E3 without at least a few surprises. Microsoft has already promised two unconfirmed titles will be revealed for this year's lineup, but on the strength of rumours on software and secret projects this year we've been emboldened to speculate on more than a couple. Or perhaps we're spreading our bets? Either way enjoy our take on what exclusive cards Microsoft is holding up its (very long) sleeves...

And where exactly does Bungie, Rockstar, a fugitive and someone Wake-ing up fit in?

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Superfragilistic3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Dead Rising 2 would be sweet particularly with some coop craziness, but if Microsoft don't show Alan Wake this E3 they should put him to sleep permanently!

3598d ago
miganda3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

you dont sound like a nintendo super soldier, not to much. seriously, why are you even commenting here?

mepsipax3598d ago

I forgot not to comment about halo in any article with 360 in the title, guys c'mon, I love playing Halo, it's still my #1 game to play on line, but to say it's not generic and cleached is just blind fanboyism, and the masterchief is generic, no doubt, I'm just saying that the Halo Franchise is going off in diffrent directions because M$ loves its money, plus miganda, to accuse me of being a nintendo fanboy is stupid, I treat all games equally, I just favour Nintendo because in the last 18 years Nintendo has never let me down, and M$ is 3rd on my list behind Sony because they abandoned the PC, I mean yeah they make the operating system and software, but name one PC exclusive M$ has made for the PC in the last 3 years. Anyway, all you fanboys have ruined the games industry.

IaMs123598d ago

Well um MS is smart to continue the Halo series and is smart to continue it in another way bringing a huge seller to different types of gameplay and not the same FPS everytime.. what do you think SONY is doing with FF series, and the Socom series.. everyone still loves those and i rarely actually never hear any bad remarks on them and how many sequels they have...

miganda3598d ago

lets see, that cartridge on the N64 was a smart move. how about those crapy mini disc on game cube? nintendo is not flawless. and speaking about flaws. you say micro is milking the halo series? talk to me when i see this. master chief tennis, go carts, baseball, racing sonic, paper rpg's,riding on dino's,fighting game, golfing. need i go on? being a nintendo fan you realy should'nt talk about milking anything. by the way hows that weight loss thing going. i bet you have loads of fun with that.

mepsipax3598d ago

well, how do you know nintendo's never let me down, I've already said that I'm not a Nintendo fanboy I just trust them more than other companies because since I played my first video game on the nes I have never been let down by nintendo, who cares about the cartridge, or mini disc, some of the best games ever were on the n64, hmm let me think, goldeneye, super mario 64, banjo kazooie, LOZ:OoT to name a few, and the gamecube, I enjoyed such games as Pikmin Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing, sure Nintendo has milked their franchises but did you ever think why? no. Nintendo only makes money from, selling consoles, controllers, games and accessorys, thats it. Sony make money by selling TV's, MP3 players, Stereos, Phones, M$ makes money by selling windows, nuff said, Nintendo relys on its games and consoles to survive so they need to make money. And how do you justify milking a series, there has been one 3d mario platformer for each console since the 64, one mario kart on each since snes, the only reason there is so many is because Nintendo has been around long before Sony and M$ even thought of the console market, and miganda I see u can't reply to this cause nobody wants to hear you talk because you are a fanboy. Of course M$ is smart to continue the Halo series, but does that mean its right? I'd rather be playing new IPs like Mirrors Edge, Little Big Planet and Alan Wake than playing the same recycled thing over and over. Oh and Sony isn't doing anything with the FF series, thats square enix, and they've been cashing in on remakes since the snes and I don't really care for JRPGs. Oh and miganda, I will never buy wii fit, I hate the wii, it has good games but I hate everything it stands for, but I still own it along with my 360/PS3/DS/PSP/ and to top it all off a top o the line gaming PC, whatever, the arguement against Halo will never be won.

TVC153597d ago


what about the possible TOO HUMAN 2 AND 3
(they said it might be a trilogy if it does well or something like that)

Also no one gives a crap about huxley
hell I'm more excited for the GTA DLC than any games they mentioned. GTA IV was amazing

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masterofpwnage3598d ago

thats was a stupid list.
why put bioware line up or mist walker line up or all mmo.
u cant do that and how do they kno that bioware line up will be 360 exclusive.

they should put real games like sequals or romour new games or something, but not the line up thing

Superfragilistic3598d ago

It's their list their rules I guess!

Anyways I enjoyed the list, it got me thinking about a lot of titles I had forgot or didn't know anything about... hence I posted it. :)

gaffyh3598d ago

That's true cos Bioware's new game is quite obviously Dragon Age, and Dead Rising 2 will (very likely) be Multi-platform.

IaMs123598d ago

IMO they should just stay exculsives because the first ones were 360 exculsive... its like bringing God of War 3 to the 360... unless they have plans to port the first ones over before hey release the new ones..

Shaka2K63598d ago

Both ninja generic 2 and lolost odeysey flopped really hard, and gears of war looks like its going to average 6/10 just like ng2.

the reason why ng2 flopped so hard is beacuase it looked really bad next to NGS on PS3 [email protected]

same this year when gears of short 2 looks like a 10 dollar expantion next to R2.

-Maverick-3598d ago

Bro seriously, stop being such a flaming homosexual. You're becoming a bigger douche than siligon.

Pain3598d ago

agree with 1

Gta DLC is well ADD on Content = meh~ when the kids r playing Gears 1.5...they WONT be playing GTA.
Splinter cell......cant think of any thing funny...cuz thoze games Blow.
Forza... GT wannbe on 2 Disc's!!
Mr,Mustache games err Mistwalker...better luck next time with 10 Disc's!!!
Bungie....err....Anything else other then FPS or Halo please..if they can. Cuz Halo 4 is a Xbox 3 launch title.
Peter Jackson’s Halo chronicles.........let it die and thx for killing the Hobbits chance with Pet M$ u jack A$$'s...
Dead rising 2 exclusive ? sure M$ bought the Rights just watch.
Mass Defect 2/ multi-plat and better on PC like always..but most likely like Dead rising 2.
MMO's ?? .........i think thats a joke but howe about"Insert RROD Joke here"

QueefyB3598d ago

i think dead rising 2 will be exclusive to the playstation 3 because capcom will need the cell to process everything

QueefyB3598d ago

mmm i notice mass effect 2 isnt mentioned does anyone know if bioware will waste there resources on the xbox 360 again

HeavyweightInTheGame3598d ago

Check section 4 under games from Bioware.