Why Microsoft Should Have Tried To Get Exclusive Rights To Titanfall 2

Even since before the game’s launch people were questioning whether Titanfall would remain a Microsoft exclusive title. As it turns out, we were right to question it. You’re in luck, Playstation owners, as a sequel to the parkouring, wall-running, mech-smashing FPS is on-route to your console soon! Respawn’s CEO Vince Zampella told IGN in an interview ahead of the BAFTA game awards “it’ll be multi platform”. He also spoke about other areas the studio are headed saying they were “starting up a second team and doing some smaller stuff too”. Respawn’s COO Dusty Welch explained that the original game was Microsoft exclusive for business reasons and that it would have been “prohibitive” as a multi platform release.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima980d ago (Edited 980d ago )

I thought they would have after all they done for Titanfall. Things can change though. Guess we'll know soon enough. After all a deal could be made down the line. All I know is if they don't have dedicated servers and use P2P servers I want enjoy it or possibly even play it online.

Insomnia_84980d ago

After all they've done?


Ghost_of_Tsushima980d ago

Yea they helped save Titanfall. They also let them use their dedicated servers. Maybe you should know what you're talking about before laughing.

mikeslemonade980d ago

Well Microsoft said they want to win it regardless if they fall deep in the red. They won't win it everything on the X1 is multiplat. Even Ori I can get on the PC, so doesn't make sense to not make it exclusive.

Kingthrash360980d ago

At the end of the day, this is business and money talks. If titan fall want to even dream of have cod numbers it needs to be on all consoles.
This move was gunna happen regardless. ...yes ms could pay for tf2, bit tf would make more in the long run if its available for ps4 as well.

rdgneoz3980d ago

@The_Infected Yes, they saved them from funding problems... EA, a company with billions... Could not found a game... More like EA was greedy and wanted money, and MS was willing to pay for an exclusive,

As for the story, all sounds 100% true.

"As for the reliability of this story, you can read the original ebook, and make your own judgements on the reliability of its author, Geoff Keighley"

As for TF2, why wouldn't they release on the PS4. They own the IP, they have the money to make the game, and the PS4 has 20+ million consoles sold to 11+ million by xbone. EA could have made more money by making it multiplat to begin with than the quick cash from MS they got.

Kleptic980d ago (Edited 980d ago )

EDIT: rdgneoz3: I don't think it was ever a cash thing with MS...Respawn's development blog for TF1 constantly talked about MS's cloud services, and its server network, and that it 'made Titanfall possible'...I think it was pretty straightforward that MS's involvement was as simple as hosting the game for them, and that was it...

I'd say ideally MS wanted TF1 as an XBO exclusive...Respawn and EA said yeah right, as they both knew they had a lot of float in the industry just based on who was making the game...

So MS offered the server farm and mp costs as a 'deal' to keep it on the 360 and one...and EA used Origin and their contracts with gsp's for the PC version (i can't remember, did TF1 use gsp's on PC, or was it on MS servers also?)

regardless...none of that paid off the way all 3 companies hoped...It did little to nothing as far as Xbox One sales...wasn't even a popular game on the aging 360...and the PC version was pretty much a waste land in weeks...

I'm surprised by all the questioning on this franchise going multiplatform, console wise...MS sure isn't going to push to hang on to the next one...their investment yielded literally nothing... the same time...i don't think any of this means the game will lack dedicated servers on any platform...

Cupid_Viper_3980d ago

I think I've said this since we first found out about the exclusive deal for the first Titanfall. I speculated that Microsoft may indeed be able to get Titanfall exclusively at first, but that a continuation of that deal would greatly depends on the performance of that game on the Xbox one.

Now we all witness the great lengths that Microsoft and EA went to in order to push Titanfall as the next BIG thing. It was heavily advertised, it was also delayed on the Xbox 360 in order to push more sales on the newer Xbox One. And the critics, as is the norm for any XBox games nowadays, showered it praise.

But unfortunately, Titanfall barely outsold Killzone Shadow Fall by some 300,000 units to this day. And EA was hoping that TitanFall would be able to challenge the Likes of Call of Duty, especially at the time that Destiny was already presenting itself to be a huge franchise.

Now EA has noticed that not only does the PS4 version of multiplats get a lot more sales than the Xbox one version. But if the game is popular, then the PS4 version typically outsells the Xbox One version 2:1 or 1.5:1 Which means that up to 2/3 of the potential sales happens on the PS4.

Destiny on PS4 is at 4.6 million sold VS 2.5 Million on Xbox One.

GTA 5 On PS4 is at 6.1 million sold VS 2.5 million n XBox One

Watchdogs PS4 3.5 million VS 1.3 million on Xbox One

CoD AW PS4 6.25 million VS 4.22 million on Xbox One

Fifa 15 PS4 5.6 million VS 1.8 million on Xbox One

The list goes on and on. And no company is going actually willingly give up the majority of their money in order to stay exclusive to anyone platform. Losing out on 1/3 of sales is kind of doable because you get paid for it in the deal. But losing the actually majority of the potential sales is not an option. So there was NO WAY Microsoft could have kept Titanfall 2 exclusive.

Utalkin2me980d ago


ROFLMAO, He said cloud services.....SMH

krypt1983980d ago

@mikeslemonade kids like your are [email protected], every copy of ori sold on pc is money in microsofts pocket and you fanboys try to turn that into a negative, you still can't play the game on the ps4 and the xbox is not in competition with pc. So troll harder and get so common sense.

krypt1983980d ago

@cupid you act like the sales for titanfall where low because it was xbox only, the sales was weak because the game lacked content and people are not going to blindly buy a game for 60 with no content, unlike sony fanboys with the order ...

XisThatKid980d ago

Um MS last the IP rights in court to EA. LAST YEAR. EA said they were going to go multi plat if they won and they did. T they just never said what platform they intended I releasing. We all knew what they wanted

tiffac008980d ago


But if what your saying is true and PS fanboys buys games with lack of content ala the Order then TF1 would have sold more on the PS4 than on the X1.

So it would also be true that TF1 sold poorly because it was an X1 exclusive. lol!

PeaSFor980d ago

it would be dumb for ea to ignore the majority of potential sales, playstation drive the gaming business and sales speak by itself.

--Dark Souls global sales as of Feb2015:
Windows, 0.07m
PS3, 1.96m
Xb360 0.94 m

--Dark Souls II global sales as of Feb2015:
Windows, 0.12 m
PS3, 1.12 m
Xbox 360, 0.54 m
--Evolve Global Total sales as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.07m
PS4, 0.42m
XbOne, 0.28m

--Wolfenstein: The New Order Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.34m
PS4, 1.17m
XbOne, 0.48m

--Far Cry 4:
Windows, 0.42m
PS4, 2.97m
XbOne, 1.09m

--Battlefield 4 Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015
Windows, 1.22m
PS4, 2.63m
XbOne, 1.70m

--Alien: Isolation Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.12m
PS4 0.66m
XbOne 0.31m

--Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.30m
PS4, 6.25m
XbOne, 4.22m

--Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.28m
PS4 2.09m
XbOne 0.95m

--Watch Dogs Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.34m
PS4 3.54m
XbOne 1.31m

--Dragon Age: Inquisition Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.45m
PS4 1.39m
XbOne 0.64m

--Trials Fusion Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.02m
PS4, 0.27m
XbOne, 0.13m

--Assassin's Creed: Unity Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.40m
PS4, 3.05m
XbOne 2.57m

--Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015:
Windows, 0.57m
PS4, 2.23m
XbOne 2.05m

Kleptic980d ago


I didn't say 'cloud services' in the sense that they did anything useful...I said it in that MS agreed to 'host' the entire multiplayer of the game for 360 and xbox one...

MS was promoting 'cloud' stuff to the uninformed public at the time...a few blog posts from a respected couple of people...about those services...and the xbox fanatics went crazy...

that is how TF1 ended up, console wise, only on xbox hardware...

I also stated it ended up being a mistake for all parties involved...MS gained nothing because the title didn't sell any hardware, Respawn took a hit by receiving unanimously average acclaim, and EA didn't sell very many copies of the game...

TheXgamerLive980d ago

Insom84, You obviously haven't a clue.

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sinncross980d ago

I think the biggest issue is that for both EA and MS is that the first game didnt have as big a push on X1 sales as they may have liked.

I dont think it makes sense for EA to keep it X1 exclusive, and I dont think MS seems much point in it either. The brand is still going to be more strongly in favour of the X1 (unless PS4 influence really is that strong to make the sequel a bigger game on PS4).

MS will use their money on either their own games or other 3rd party games. That seems more logical to me from MS's perspective. And chances are EA want the sequel multiplatform so not much MS can do about that.

metatronx980d ago

Do you believe on whatever MS or the devs said after the deal has been done?

UKmilitia980d ago

it will be funny seeing it on the ps4 because its only possible on the cloud isnt it??
MS has lost all its bargaining power imo this gen,the amount of money they would have to throw at devs now because of the amount of sales sony has would be too much imo.

hopefully the ps4 version doesnt suffer from all the screen tearing that TF1 had on xb1

isa_scout980d ago

Yeah as much as I loved TitanFall there was way to much screen tearing. I have no idea why the graphics were so bad, but it didn't look "next-gen" at all. The gameplay was rock solid though, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with TitanFall. Think I made it to gen 5 before I moved on to other games. I've owned the game since launch day and I'm glad it's in my collection. But there is literally nothing about TitanFall that couldn't be done on the PS4. All that cloud talk was bullshit. If it was possible to port it to the Xbox 360 then you know how easy it would've been to make the PS4 version. In fact I read an interview were Vince openly admits that they were working on a PS4 version before EA made the deal with MS.

lodossrage980d ago


You say that, yet didn't Titanfall sell over 1 million on the XB1 alone?

styferion980d ago

EA won't let that 20+ million potential buyer goes untouched.

SmielmaN980d ago

I agree. Unless they wanted to give EA $120,000,000 exclusivity cheque to cover 2.5 million potential sales on PS4.

Gamer1982980d ago

"Why Microsoft Should Have Tried To Get Exclusive Rights To Titanfall 2" the title sounds like pure flaimbait..

NeoTribe980d ago

They didnt save titanfall. Infact they damn near killed it considering the playerbase for xbox is so much smaller than ps4. Titanfall would have done much better in sales if it released on ps4.

WellyUK980d ago

True. And it wouldn't of had anywhere near as much hate on it as it did.

979d ago
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shallowpoint980d ago

No it should be enjoyed by all gamers! Just like SF5 & Tomb Raider 2

Ghost_of_Tsushima980d ago

While I agree with you Titanfall started out as a Microsoft exclusive. Tomb Raider and SF5 have been multi platform games in the past.

Utalkin2me980d ago

Its not a MS exclusive, yes i can run titanfall without windows.

Ghost_of_Tsushima980d ago (Edited 980d ago )

Good for you. It's still technically a Microsoft exclusive. If not for them the game might not even exist.

Spotie979d ago

No matter how many times you say it, it won't become true. Titanfall die not begin life as an Xbox exclusive, and it most certainly would have existed without their money. Perhaps not as soon, or with add large a marketing campaign. But do you seriously think EA was going to allow the next game from the creators of Call of Duty go without being developed?

If so, I've got some nice ocean front property I'd like to sell you in South Dakota.

Master-H980d ago

And Monster Hunter, and Bayonetta.

4theplayers980d ago

Nobody cares about Titanfall, Destiny is the GOTY.

Ghost_of_Tsushima980d ago

That's your opinion. You don't speak for everyone if they do or don't like Titanfall.

thehobbyist980d ago (Edited 980d ago )

Destiny came out last year. It can't be GOTY

This year's GOTY is gonna be Phantom Pain

WellyUK980d ago

I'm going with The Witcher 3 on that this year. If they can pull of that open world with the quality of the 2nd then it will do very well indeed.

tinynuggins980d ago

I say let PS4 owners in on the fun! It's a great game, i'm glad the sequel will be enjoyed by everyone.

UKmilitia980d ago

i enjoyed titanfall but on xb1 it had really bad screen tearing which ruined it for me and the fact i couldnt play it on my projector because it wasnt high enough resolution.

sat at 13ft away on a 106" screen 900p is just acceptable otherwise looks to blocky for me to have long gaming sessions.

WellyUK980d ago

Someone with a brain, finally. It's hard to find one now a days.

dotwithshoes980d ago

Where did Respawn say PS4.. "Multiplatform" could simply mean Xbox One, PC.. I would laugh so hard if they are trolling by saying that. but bleh, didn't play Titanfall, so not really interested in the game but if it comes to ps4, cool, more people to play the game the better.

isa_scout980d ago (Edited 980d ago )

If that were the case they wouldn't have said they regretted launching TitanFall on the limited platforms that they did. EA is to greedy not to want a piece of the 20+ million PS4 pie. Don't forget that by the time TitanFall 2 launches the PS4 will most likely be somewhere around 35-40 million consoles sold. That's if the numbers don't fluctuate(they always do). However, if they hold then Sonys 35-40 million will be going up against maybe 20 million Xbox Ones? It's not hard to see where the potential payoff lies.