Sometimes, looking good is enough

James O'Connor of MMGN: The Order: 1886 has reminded me of a simple fact about AAA games that I had slipped my mind a bit: if the underlying mechanics are at least passable, games have the potential to win you over on sheer wow factor. Other, better games have already shown me things that wouldn’t have been possible on older consoles through expanded gameplay possibilities (Sunset Overdrive stands out for me as something that probably wouldn’t have worked nearly as well on a previous system), but The Order is the first game on this generation that has me feeling like a little kid again, watching the Nintendo 64 ads on television and being blown away by what I saw.

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PoSTedUP1195d ago

damn straight! oh wait, in games? nah, never that.

medman1194d ago

The Order not only looked good, it offered a good story, great weapons, and an interesting was a good first effort all the way around. I would have liked more in depth exploration of the characters and the world, and more freedom to explore London, but overall I enjoyed my two playthroughs of the game, and would recommend it to anyone on the fence about trying it out.