Battlefield Hardline $10 Pre-order Bonus and Expedite Shipping Deal

Best Buy is giving out a bonus $10 worth in “My Best Buy” rewards points to anyone who pre-orders through them on any major console platform. Alternatively the Microsoft Store is handing out $10 Xbox Gift Cards for those who pre-order for the Xbox One or Xbox 360 (Xbox One copies also receive free release day delivery if you order before tomorrow at 2PM Pacific).

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Edvin19841227d ago

I just bought a PC copy of the game on eBay from a seller who was asking $30 obo he had like 15 keys left. I got my copy for $20 I offered and he accepted pre-loading now. I think I may have overpaid something tells me this one will be a stinker lol

sergons1227d ago

You definitely overpaid bro. Will wait when it will be available for 5 bucks including premium.

JJShredder1227d ago

Even though I have Gamers Club Unlocked and could effectively get this game for under $40, I just can't do it. Not after BF 3 and 4.

I will wait....I do hope it works out though, I wont be one of those bitter "fans" that hope a game fails just so I can so "I told you so"

Edvin19841227d ago

I am having fun with the MP on the older games on my PC and can't wait to play this one. I remember 1942 it had issues but they get worked out, so this should be a blast once its all set in place.